Our Authors, Contributors & Writers

  • Abhishek Sinha

    Abhishek is the founder of a software product development company TechnoCube. In this journey, he has delivered projects for leading brands such as McGraw Hill, Pearson, XSEED, and Uber. He has a rich experience of working in e-learning domain, building productivity apps for businesses, and designing consumer apps.
  • Anders Toxboe

    UI-Patterns.com is the work of Anders Toxboe – a Danish web developer seeking to categorize what has before seemed like ad hoc approaches to developing web applications. UI-Patterns.com is an attempt to over time create a library of such solutions to common problems. It is a personal project but is extremely open to contributions.
  • Anjeli Singh

    Anjeli is passionate and experienced UX Research Innovator and has worked with companies in North America and India including Google, Kodak, and Symantec. She has been a user evangelist and supporting various Startups to Enterprises to focus on their user and make their companies user-centric. Currently, she is running UX Research Agency called HUREO.
  • Catrano

    Yes, I am a cat. I am not wearing shades, it's the trendiest version of google glasses. You see it just helps me look deeper into the intergalactic realm to find mice. At Appedus, I just jump on the keyboard in a frenzy, to what my human slaves call "writing an article". But they never give me a mouse to play with, I wonder why. If you are reading this then you know the cat talk. You are one of us. You are just a slave to this human form. You don't know yet. You will know soon. You puny humans. (Yes the cat @producthunt is my rich cousin)
  • Chris Davis

    Chris Davis, founder of StudyLockapp, after years of research, to perfect an idea he is excited to present an innovative way for parents to curb excessive screen time all the while educating their child. He has worked in the communication industry for over 10 years as an innovator. He is a father of four, which is the pure motivation behind the drive to see the app succeed.
  • Denis Zabelin

    Denis Zabelin is the founder of UX|UI design boutique agency DZ Crew. He is passionate about helping companies improve and scaling the user interface of their products by increasing the metrics of user success and engagement rate creating a stunning and considered UX design. Denis has worked with hundreds of innovative clients ranging in size and type from start-ups to Fortune 500.
  • Diwakar Chaturvedi

    Diwakar Chaturvedi works as a digital marketer and software analyst at CallHippo. His interests include Virtual Phone Number, Cloud Telephony,and Virtual Phone System. In his spare time, he likes to spend time on web and catch up on the latest technologies.
  • Editorial Team

    We at Appedus are a group of digital nomads aggregating, writing and publishing the best of the tech news in the mobile app ecosystem. Our constant endeavor is to get the most actionable news for you to use. If you have a news to share with us then drop us a line at news@appedus.com .
  • Patrick R

    With over 12 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, A techno-commercial leader heading Intuz – Mobile App Development Company, as Director of Growth. Patrick has over seven years of experience as mobile app strategist. Having a sharp insight on application development and marketing, Patrick is very instrumental while planning strategies for Product development, promotion, and monetization.
  • Jimmy Westenberg

    Lover of all things technology, Star Wars, dogs, coffee and music. U.S. Senior Editor at Android Authority.
  • Jonathan Mardel

    Jonathan teaches design at a college based in Barcelona. He has also recently launched himself in the online training market with his courses in graphic design. When is not anchored in Barcelona, you can find him traveling and gazing at monuments for reasons better known to him. You can reach him on jonathan@appedus.com.
  • Kurt Henderson

    Kurt is the Co-Founder & CPO of KOMPAS. Ex-record label owner and Startup Tech Blog - Rootnotion. Mentor at YE and Titan at Brighton University, he was named in the top 25 entrepreneurs under 25 (2017) by Startups.co.uk. Kurt has supported and consulted for various startups helping them gauge a better design to a product through innovative creative experiences and modeling.
  • Mark Dabbs

    Mark is a business consultant and editor for Reinvently.com, rated as one of Silicon Valley's Top 10 Mobile Developers by Clutch. Reinvently's mHealth specialization is highlighted by its development of Qcare for On-Demand Pediatric services, the DigiMobile Patient Monitoring for Sotera Wireless and MyBreath – a respiratory wellness app that raised $900k from MIT and the UN in 2017. Beyond service with the US military, he's worked with Primestar Satellite TV, Amazon.com, LSI/EG&G and Opera Mobile Store. Mark is also credited for producing two sophisticated wargame scenarios for The Operational Art of War IV published by MatrixGames covering World War II and the Falkland Islands War.
  • Ron Nottidge

    Ron Nottidge is a board member of The Ifey Group. A former plant engineer at Chevron, Ron also worked in the US venture capital and private equity industries while serving as a business plan judge at The Cleantech Open and The Wharton Africa business plan contest. Ron is a director of Nottren Technical Services, an African engineering firm
  • Svetlana Marco

    Apart from unraveling the reasons behind the popularity of cat videos or Instagramming her way to stardom in the cat universe, she writes about technology, digital anthropology and gender equality in tech. You can reach her on marco@appedus.com
  • Tim Fitzpatrick

    Tim Fitzpatrick is the President & Founder of Rialto Mobile Marketing. At Rialto Mobile Marketing we create marketing systems to help small businesses achieve simple, sustainable growth. If you'd like to learn more about what we do check us out at https://www.rialtomobile.com/.
  • Vince O'Gorman

    Vince O'Gorman has over 16 years of experience in communications, technology and software development. Eventually, he founded Vog App Developers in 2012. His commitment to developing apps in Canada with Canadian developers has helped Vog App Developers become the most trusted Canadian app development company.
  • Yogesh Agarwal

    Yogesh founded Daffodil Software back in 1999. He started coding at a very nascent age and soon decided to turn his passion into his profession. Since then, Daffodil has achieved an impressive growth y-o-y and have been recognized as one of the 50 fastest growing software companies by Deloitte. An innovator and a technologist by heart, Yogesh is a curious investor and founder of some path-breaking startups like Autoload, Yellow.Live and OkHire.