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Brazilian used car marketplace app InstaCarro raises $22 million

Brazilian used car marketplace app InstaCarro raises $22 million

Its raining money and this has to be true because Brazillian used car marketplace app InstaCarro  just raised $22 Million from FJ Labs & Lumia Capital.

About InstaCarro

InstaCarro is an online platform that is revolutionizing the used car industry in Brazil, helping both people who want to sell their cars, and shops and dealerships that want to buy them for resale:

People who want to sell their cars:

■ With InstaCarro, the seller will get a fair price quickly, conveniently and transparently, with an unparalleled level of service.

Used Car Shops:

■ With InstaCarro, stores will be able to spin their inventory much faster, as they will have access to a large number of cars, offered daily through our online platform

About InstaCarro Founders

InstaCarro is founded by Fischer and  Luca Cafici. Fischer is an ex McKinsey Digital employee. Fischer started InstaCarro is 2015.


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