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Keep Marveling at MarvelApp

One of the best prototyping tool out there

MarvelApp is just not a prototyping tool! It is the swiss knife in the hands of full stack UI/UX designer.

We have seen the growth of Marvelapp from the day first. Being early adopters of Marvel we have seen how intelligently and efficiently the feature stacks of the tool has been expanded. Marvel is primarily aimed at small teams or individual designers. If you look at the pricing you wouldn’t like to believe yourself for a moment for the amount of features and power that you get out of it even for the smallest package.

Marvel apart from helping you create “linked” prototype by uploading just your images. It also helps you create sketch prototypes on the go. It has a very simple tool well integrated with images, icon and components library. Which makes it very to create a quick prototype for your project. And even if you want to go full throttle with advanced feature and create a shining example of the prototype then you can do that as well.

The recently launched feature of handoff is for UI developers, in their own words this is what it does with elan :

Handoff puts an end to creating manual design documentation

Forget creating PDFs with red lines in the margins or constantly exporting assets. With Handoff, your designs are transformed into a living spec document that stays updated as you work. All accessible on a single URL.

Design directly in Marvel or use your favorite tool

Handoff seamlessly integrates with the tools in your design workflow, including Sketch, our in-built wireframe mode and Photoshop (coming soon).

Marvel also provides the facility to export your prototypes in various ways including creating an installable build for Android and iPhone.

All in all it is the best out there, and you can try the free marvel account to see for yourself how it add ups to the promise that it makes.

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