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Lollypop: India Based App Design Agency

About Lollypop App Design Agency

Lollypop App Design Agency is an India based design studio. Lollypop was born out of a visionTo Put India on a world map as a digital design destination’. Like every startup we have had our share of struggles and learnings; it was a roller-coaster ride where we fell, picked & dusted ourselves but kept moving on.

Back in 2013, experience design was a novel concept in India and the ecosystem was not yet ready to invest in the digital design. We had to conduct many workshops and sessions to educate the entrepreneurs but still couldn’t crack many deals. We started designing at an exceptional nominal rate for Indian clients and were able to sustain ourselves only because of referred projects from New Zealand; thanks to Anil’s repute back there.
With the Start-up boom, India witnessed a wave of change and so did we. The new set of budding entrepreneurs were more open and aware of digital design and rest is a history.
Today, we have collaborated with clients from 11 countries and have reimagined more than 20 industries. Our, designs are recognised globally and we are ranked among Top UX UI Design studio globally.
Lollypop’s Key Clients

  • Usall Design
  • Bonito
  • Orbis
  • Odigo
  • Upgrad
  • Berkley School
 Lollypop Bossman: Anil Reddy

anil reddy founder lollypop design studio india

Key Services

    • Branding
    • UI UX Design
    • Design Consultancy
    • Web App Development
    • Animation & Illustration

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