Microsoft Kills Windows 10 Mobile

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Microsoft Kills Windows 10 Mobile

Whether this is a rumor or confirmed report is something that is yet to be ascertained. However, it was evident as there was no new launches or updates in the device segment from Microsoft for a while.

A senior executive from Microsoft said the company has no plans to release new features or smartphones, closing a chapter for Microsoft Mobile which was around for 17 years.

Microsoft has released a variety of versions of its mobile phone operating system since 2000, the latest being Windows 10 Mobile in 2015. But beyond security updates, there are no plans for new hardware or features for Windows Phone, according to Microsoft head of Windows Joe Belfiore.

In the words of Martin Armstrong from Statista :-

In what will have come as little surprise to anyone following the fortunes of the Window Phone of late, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore has announced that they are halting development of their mobile operating system Windows 10 Mobile. While he assured users that they would continue to benefit from bug fixes and security updates, new features and hardware will not be produced, essentially killing the OS and Microsoft’s foray into the world of smartphones – for now at least. The truth is though, this announcement will only directly affect a relatively small number of people.

As figures from show, Windows 10 Mobile has barely scratched the surface of the Android and iOS dominated market. After crawling up to 1.13 percent in June 2016, the share fell back down to a fairly static 0.3 percent – clearly not enough for a company of Microsoft’s stature.

Microsoft kills windows 10 Mobile

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