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Reddit Chat App Feature Launched in there Mobile app

Reddit Chat App Feature Launched in there Mobile app

(This is a fan post, and if you see too much love for Reddit then I can’t help it.You need to be a Redditor to understand this love. šŸ™‚Ā  )

A month ago, This is what was posted in theĀ beta Subreddit on Reddit

“One of our main goals is to build a place that encourages authentic, real-time conversation. Starting today, weā€™re taking another step in that direction by testing a new real-time chat feature to a small percentage of beta users and mods on both desktop and mobile.”

I have been very excitedly waiting for the Reddit Chat App feature to launch. Today early morning I saw that Reddit app has updated itself, and I quickly went and started checking the updates and voila I found that they have included the Chat app icon in the app now. As per the posts on Reddit, it looks like they have rolled out the chat app to a limited no of users because still there is no official announcementĀ of a global rollout.Ā  For those who haven’t receivedĀ an upgrade yet, this is how the chat design looks like.

reddit chat app launched

It is nothing fancy but for the serious Redditors, this is a big boost in reaching out to there fellow Redditors. For those addicted to Whatsapp and other chat app users, don’tĀ start dishing out your opinions as to how “boring is that” no calling feature, no video, no file share..argh..You need to know the soul of Reddit to even understand what this is all about. Most of the viral video or photos that you circulate in your WhatsApp groups first appear on Reddit.Ā  If you really want to understand what this is all about then go open an account on Reddit and participate in some discussion you will get a hang of it (Warning: It might lead to addiction).

Anyways Reddit is and will remain the most powerful platform for meaningfulĀ conversation. Aye!

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