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The Secret Ingredient for Your Mobile App Marketing Plan

The Secret Ingredient for Your Mobile App Marketing Plan

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to creating a mobile app marketing plan, many of them are must-have ingredients if you want to succeed.

In my last two articles, I discussed the importance of strategy before tactics and content marketing in your mobile app marketing plan. I’d encourage you to check them out so you can catch up on this series about marketing your mobile app.

So what’s the secret ingredient that brings all this together? It’s a total online presence

A what? A total online presence is the sum of all the online real estate you have claimed for your business/app. Ten years ago you might have gotten away with simply having a website for your business, but those days are long gone.

According to Statista, in March 2017 there were 2.8M apps available on Google Play and 2.2M apps available on the Apple App store.

Unless your app is the next Pokemon Go or Candy Crush you cannot rely on your app store listings alone for potential users to find you.

I can comfortably say if you aren’t active online with a website, social media profiles, content marketing, and search engine optimization to find and engage new app users, then your app will be very hard to find…and download.

So what should you do? Start claiming the online real estate you will need to properly market your app. At a minimum, you will want to have the following 4 key elements to complete your total online presence.

1. Create value-added content that’s important to your ideal users and create it consistently. Your content will help you get found, educate, and build trust with your audience.

Content comes in many forms but I’d recommend you start by blogging on your website. Later on, you can always repurpose your blog content into other forms like video or ebooks.

Don’t forget, you need to promote your content too. Here are some easy ways to promote your content for free

2. Have a social media presence that engages your ideal users with information and content they can’t resist. What’s important and relevant to them as it relates to your app?

Provide this type of information through your social media channels and you will become a trusted source of reliable information that is important to your audience.

3. Have a marketing focused, lead conversion website that helps your app get found, builds trust, educates, informs, nurtures, and converts your ideal app users to actual users.

Your website is the hub that integrates and connects all of your marketing efforts. It is an investment in the growth of your app, not an expense. Make sure your website differentiates you from your competition and makes you the obvious choice.

4. A targeted keyword list that your potential users may use to find an app just like yours. You will use your keywords to optimize your content and your website to help your app get found in online searches.

This is one of the reasons why it’s really important to identify your ideal app users so you understand what terms they use to search for what you have to offer. Check out this article for an in-depth look at keyword research

Do you see how this is all coming together? Your app strategy helps you identify your ideal users, the messaging that is important to them, and where they can be found online.

Then it’s the job of your total online presence to help your ideal users find you so you can build trust, educate them, inform them, nurture them and then convert them to app users because you’ve convinced them your app is what they need.

If you don’t already have a total online presence then it’s time to get started. Do you need help? Reach out to me anytime, I’m happy to help you.

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