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Top 5 trends in Mobile App Design in 2017

Top 5 trends in Mobile App Design in 2017

The perspective of Mobile App design is highly dynamic and it keeps changing constantly. Thus, every year, some notable trends in the design of mobile apps come up that sets up a completely new orientation. What are the major trends in 2017? Paragraphs underneath shall explore the answers to this question.

Addition of more vibrant colors

One of the major trends in designing mobile apps is the addition of vibrant colors. Though, even in the previous years, there existed the use of colors, but majorly, it involved the use of light colors or the traditional black and white. Compared to that orientation, this year witnessed the use of more vibrant colors that enhances the aesthetic and appeal of the apps. As it comes up from research, use of colors gets such importance to attract the attention of the target users and boost the engagement with them.

Higher use of Customised illustration

The use of custom graphics set as a trend in app design for the last couple of years and it reached the optimum point this year. On an average, 9 out of 10 such developments involve the use of aesthetic and customised illustrations. Use of such graphics acts as a hallmark for the concern app and enables the developer to attract the attention of the target users. As forecasted by the experts, this trend is going to rule the App Development industry for the years to come.

Icons getting back their Minimalistic Outline

The reverse trending in designing mobile apps is that developers are trending to give the icons a minimalist outline. Though this was the practice during the initial years after the evolution of Apps, in the last few years, icons were made larger. However, to make the apps lightweight, designers are going back to square one, giving the apps as minimal outline as possible.

Use of Alternative User Interface Patterns

These days, designers are taking sincere efforts to introduce alternative User Interface patterns to the traditional designs. It involves higher use of intuitive and contextual elements of navigation, placement of the navigation control in tabs as well as the addition of floating control buttons and experimental use of the 3D Technology of iOS that enable the users to get to the Peeks of the hidden elements.

Extensive experimentation on Interaction

Use of prototyping tools like Sketch, Adobe XD, and ProtoPie suggest that developers are trying their best to experiment on interactions. This is in order to find the most user-friendly design that will make it easier for the users to use and control the app. It is for the same objective that designers are emphasising on the use of conversational Interfaces so that users can use the voice commands for operating the app.

The trending discussed above marks the inception of new concepts in Mobile App design that majorly targets to boost the engagement of the apps with the users. These trends will surely retain their relevance in the forthcoming time. Thus, users can definitely expect to rep better user experience in using the apps, in the days to come.

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