5 Bike Sharing Apps That You Must Try

Bike Sharing Apps

5 Bike Sharing Apps That You Must Try

I was in Singapore recently and decided to explore the city on a bicycle. I shared the idea with my co-traveler and she suggested that we try out oBike. Google and a download later I was walking towards the nearest dock to pick a bike. The whole experience was awesome and right there I thought of curating this list of bike apps that you must try.

Why just 5? 

Well, if you are expecting me to create a directory then ain’t gonna happen. I am curating this list on the basis of how good their apps are and possibly those which I am going to try very soon. Head to this wiki page for a list of bike sharing apps or services around the world. For the rest here is my list:-

Singapore Bike Sharing Service

OBike: It is Singapore’s first homegrown stationless smart bike-sharing company that uses technology to change how transportation is viewed locally. It allows commuters to travel during one-way first and last-mile commuting – via bicycles located all over the island.

This provides a convenient and environment-friendly commute option for all, especially given Singapore’s compact size and interconnected urban areas.


Beijing Bike Sharing Service

OFO: Founded in 2014, ofo is the world’s first and leading dockless bike-sharing platform operated via an online mobile application. OFO is created for sharing and aims to unlock every corner of the world by making bikes accessible to everyone.

To date, OFO has connected over 10 million bikes in 180 cities across 20 countries including India, China, Singapore, UK, US, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Thailand, Austria, Japan, Russia, the Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, and Spain.

The platform generates more than 25 million daily transactions and has provided over 200 million global users with 4 billion efficient, convenient and green rides.



San Francisco Bike Sharing Service

UBER Bike: Smitten by the success of bike sharing apps in China Uber has recently launched its bike sharing services. The service is currently available only in San Francisco.

If you are in SF you can find the nearest bike dock using your Uber app. It charges 2 $ for the first 30 minutes and after that, it’s a per minute charge. Given Uber’s hunger for growth, you can soon see an Uber bike zipping around in your city.



New York Bike Sharing Service

Citi Bike: Promoted by Citibank, Citi Bike is currently available only in New York. However, Citi Bike bosts of 12,000 bikes. 750 stations. 60 neighborhoods. It has a daily pass and annual membership model.

Citi Bike is New York City’s bike-share system and the largest in the nation. Citi Bike launched in May 2013 and has become an essential part of Ny’s transportation network. It’s fun, efficient, and affordable – not to mention healthy and good for the environment.



Amsterdam Bike Sharing Service

Donkey Republic Bike: Donkey Republic is a self-service, 24/7 bike rental. Use this app to find and unlock a bike near you by connecting via Bluetooth to the electronic lock on the bike. You can rent your bike for as long as you want, unlock and lock whenever and wherever, and extend the rental if you’re having too much fun. Absolute freedom and sustainable mobility!


I will be updating this list as I discover or use any exciting bike sharing app. If you know of or use a bike sharing app then please do let me know in the comment section below. Do check out Yulu Bike too if you are in India.

Happy Biking! (or whatever)

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