$7M just to let the gamers capture their GamePlay moment? Lowkey does it!

LowKey raises $7M

Lowkey lets you record the entire gaming session


The company developed various video editing tools that enable gamers to post snippets of gameplay moments on their social media. Casual friend groups to the top esports teams in the nation use Lowkey to record, edit, share and watch their PC gameplay moments. With a team of only 8 people, this comes across as a huge accomplishment. That is why it has received encouragement from Andreessen Horowitz, who happens to be a prominent silicon valley venture capital firm and other angel investors.

Gaming content is a huge hit on YouTube and Twitch in long-form and Livestream formats and Lowkey plans to innovate on the short form format for gaming. The firm launches a new mobile app today.

What Lowkey’s CEO Jesse Zhang has to say?

CEO Jesse Zhang said in an interview that anyone can use the platform to create, edit and share snippets of their gaming moments. The platform makes it easy for recording the gameplay through a desktop app, editing them with the mobile app, and sharing it with friends or the world on social media. The platform’s mission is to build a home to watch and create short gaming videos. Which is a format that is not captured easily while using Twitch or YouTube. 

“Gaming has always been like a huge passion,” he said. “The simple purpose of Lowkey is to share moments from games in the same way that you can share moments from your life. When something cool happens in real life, you just whip out your phone, and it makes it so easy to capture it.”

The techniques Lowkey uses to work:

Lowkey enables the gamers to share their gameplay in a casual and social format which is popularized by apps like TikTok and Snapchat. They also launched a new mobile app that lets players use simple yet creative tools to infuse their personality and transform the raw clips into entertaining short videos. 

“The mobile app makes it so that you can edit videos super easy like you don’t have to use Adobe Premiere or learn a bunch of video editing instructions,” Zhang said. “You take your gaming videos and change the resolution or cut out things, add a voiceover with your reactions, and things like that.”

The other list of investors includes names like Dylan Field (Figma), Joe Thomas from Loom, Zach Perret, and William Hockey (Plaid). Jonathan Lai, who happens to be a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, said that people spend more time in virtual worlds. Therefore the ability to share the best gameplay moments with friends and family will become an important part of everyone’s social life. 

The desktop app lets you automatically capture the games without leg so that whenever a funny moment happens you can retrieve the video clip out of it. To generate clips you can either press a hotkey during the game or record your entire gaming session and edit it afterward. Once a clip is successfully generated it is automatically uploaded to Lowkey so you can watch it in the browser or through the mobile app and instantly share it with your friends.

More about how Lowkey works:

You don’t have to upload large and long videos on the platform. Record the entire gaming session and then use the platform to go back and find the important moments. You can remove about 30-second footage which is automatically uploaded to Lowkey. This way the platform is not burdened with tons of videos which would be useless. 

Zhang developed the initial version of Lowkey when he was just 20, out of the desire to help gamers connect over awesome moments with videos instead of traditional texting or voice chats. Today Lowkey takes pride in having a million users. “Over time, we think more of the users will be on mobile,” Zhang said.

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