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Advanced Uninstall Manager app is a program remover tool and assists in disabling unnecessary login elements that slow down your system's performance and increase boot time.

What is the Advanced Uninstall Manager app?

As the name says, the Advanced Uninstall Manager app is a program remover. Developed by Systweak Software, this uninstaller utility not only assists in the removal of unwanted apps but also speeds up the starting time. Simply drag and drop the unwanted application onto Advanced Uninstall Manager to remove it altogether. Additionally, you may click the scan button to get a list of programs installed on your system.

When a program is installed, it is accompanied by many matching files; these files take up space on the hard disk. Manually deleting them when uninstalling a program is not simple. As a result, we require an exceptional application that accomplishes all of this.

You do not need to worry about these small files if you have Advanced Uninstall Manager installed on your system. This sophisticated tool uninstalls selected applications completely and assists in recovering vital space that may be utilized to store other critical data.

Additionally, it assists in disabling unnecessary login elements that slow down the system’s performance and increase boot time.

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Advanced Uninstall Manager App

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Advanced Uninstall Manager, uninstalling any application from your Mac becomes a breeze. Drag and drop the program onto the tool, then right-click on it and select Delete.

Advanced Uninstall Manager requires macOS 10.11 or later.

Advanced Uninstall Manager is available for download from the Mac App Store.

It does not scan or uninstall native programs because they are included in the Advanced Uninstall Manager’s list of unprotected files. This is necessary since deleting these files may cause your Mac to malfunction.

To avoid having particular applications deleted, you may add them to the Favorite Apps area. Advanced Uninstall Manager will prevent removing programs from the Favorite Apps area.

Yes, by removing unneeded programs from your Mac, you may improve the system’s performance and free up space on your computer.

Advanced Uninstall Manager is an excellent program for efficiently removing an application from your Mac, along with all of its associated files.

The Login Items Section contains a list of the apps that start automatically when your Mac boots. You can activate or disable applications from the menu according to your preferences. Please keep in mind that this step will not remove the program from the system altogether.

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