Android 11 is here: Its stable and its official!

Android 11 launched

Android 11 is here! This update will be rolled out immediately on  Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, or RealMe handsets. And the models other than the mentioned ones will see the update rolling out to their devices in a few weeks. Sundar Pichai announced the launch with a tweet. He said

“Android 11 has arrived! The latest release is all about helping you get to what’s important on your phone with easier ways to help manage your conversations, connected devices, privacy, and much more. In honor of the 11th version of Android, here are 11 new things that are coming in Android 11”. 

This update rolled out much later than it was expected because of the pandemic. The basic focus of this update is going to be messaging, controls, privacy, and people. With changes in how messaging threads work, Android rolled out the Bubble API which is an inspiration from Facebook’s messenger bubble messaging format. It also means that the chat bubbles will be a part of the core Android messaging system. This changes the messaging experience of its users in a whole new way. The users anticipated the chat bubbles for a long time and now finally Android has heard their plea. 

Android 11 lets you focus on the people in the way you prioritize them. When you set certain people on the top of your priority in terms of notifications, you are telling Android 11 about the importance of those people. Android 11 is designed to understand the important people in your life. 

As far as the controls are concerned, Android 11 gives you better management of how you connect with other devices. Remember, the power button had only one job to do? Android 11 has changed that now. Long-pressing the power button can bring up the device controls immediately. With media controls, you can manage how you stream the video or audio to the output devices like headphones, speakers, or the television. 

Among other features, it has also introduced an inbuilt screen recorder which was frequently requested by the users. We all have used third-party apps at some point in time to screen record. And that recording would be done without audio in the background. But with the Android 11 update, the screen recorder not only records the screen events of your smartphone but will also let you record the audio from the microphone, your phone, or both of them.

Another important part of this update is the way the permissions are granted to the applications of your device. Gone are the days when you granted permission to the applications only once. With Android 11, if some apps are unused for a certain period, you may have to grant the access permissions whenever you launch the apps for the next use. This makes the latest update secured and safer for the users. If you are an Android user, you should be able to see the update on your Android device soon. 

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