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App Development Company Agicent: Interview with Sudeep Bhatnagar

These dapper looking fellas and the smiling chap are the super passionate team behind Agicent’s growth. They have been in the business for almost a decade now. Their work has taken them places and even got them featured in HuffPost and DailyMail. We are sure they are a pretty good team for you to consider for your next mobile app development project. 

We reached out to Sudeep Bhatnagar, who is the Founder of app development company Agicent for a short interview to understand what makes them leading app developers from India.

Tell us something about your company.

Agicent is an app development company working from last 8 years primarily in the world of mobile apps and modern web apps. We work on iOS and Android (both native cross-platform ), web technologies (angular, node, PHP, Laravel), MEAN stack and also on complex machine learning apps. We recently got featured by HuffPost and DailyMail for time-lapse video app Pregmo, and is regularly announced as developers of some famous apps like Hasfit, LGBTqtie, and Aiko & Egor.

What are Agicent’s specializations? 

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android, Web apps (frontend and backend) using Angular, Node, or PHP, Laravel.

Who are some of your major customers?

Hasfit, Aiko & Egor, LGBTqtie (Atari’s partner) etc

Top 5 apps that you have developed?

LGBTQutie | Pregmo | Helpknob | Pigs in Peril | Aiko & Egor

What is your average cost of mobile app development?

The average cost for mobile app development at Agicent is around $8000. You can use our mobile app calculator to generate an approximate cost of your mobile app project.

Provide a list of your 5 domain specialisations.

Though we have developed an expertise in multiple business domains, however, our forte is in B2C, Social Media, Travel, Fitness, and E-commerce.

What cross-platform technologies and tools do you use? 

Ionic, PhoneGap, React Native, and Angular JS

Do you develop mobile apps with native or hybrid?

We do mostly Native (75 %), Some hybrid (25 %) depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

What is the app development process that you follow?

Agile for rapid prototypes and continuous development, waterfall for more defined requirements.

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

We’re in exciting times, after 8 years of consistent work and good reputation, we are all looking forward to expanding manifold, So in  5 years, we see our offices in 3 more countries and at least 10 times the current size.

What is the new technology you are working on?

At Agicent we are very much entrenched in  Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Angular5, AI chatbots and VR

Do you work on technologies like IoT, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, working on all of these technologies. Created and managing a couple of AI-powered chatbots also.

Are you looking for customers in a particular industry or domain? Please mention just one industry.

With almost a decade of experience in the tech industry, we’re now industry agnostic.


App Development Company Agicent: Interview with Sudeep Bhatnagar was conducted over an email communicationAll the information provided is approved by Agicent’s officials before publishing. If you need further information then you can reach out to them directly on their official website.  For more such interviews and interesting news check our app developers section.

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