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App Development Company Daffodil: Interview with Yogesh Agarwal

Daffodil flower is known as “Gardener’s golden investment” . And if you look at Daffodil Software’s portfolio, their team, their processes, the enthusiasm, everything.I mean everything exists as a proof that this is Yogesh’s (Yap the guy in the above photo who’s about to break into a cool rap song and enthrall his team) Golden Investment.  Let’s dive along with Yogesh and get to know more about Daffodil.

We reached out to Yogesh Agarwal, who is the CEO of app development company Daffodil for a short interview to understand what makes them leading app developers from India.

Tell us something about your company.

Daffodil Software is a global web and mobile app development company headquartered in Gurgaon. We are a technology partner for 900+ companies across the globe. Our clients range from innovative unicorn startups, rapidly growing SMBs to government agencies and enterprises. Over the past years, Daffodil has built an invincible forte in software development, especially in domains like Healthcare, Fintech, e-commerce, and logistics.We have developed applications that have regularly featured across top rankings of app stores. Since the beginning, we have been super choosy with the people that we hire. We only hire creme a la creme in their respective fields. And eventually, our clients benefit from our great taste in talent. Now, we are a team of 500+ astute professionals, pushing the boundaries of application development and embracing perfection in every project that we execute.

What are Daffodil’s specializations? 

Daffodil is known for following services :

Who are some of your major customers?

Lybrate, Lenskart, Pfizer, iSikcure, Dell EMC, L&T Infotech, First Gulf Bank

Top 5 apps that you have developed?

Lybrate | Lenskart | iSikCure | F6Online | MediDoc

What is your average cost of mobile app development?

The average cost for mobile app development ranges from $25,000 to $50,000

Provide a list of your 5 domain specializations.

Though we have developed an expertise in 12+ business domains, however our forte lies in Healthcare Application Development, Fintech Applications, Salesforce Implementation, DevOps consulting and React technology stack

What cross-platform technologies and tools do you use? 

Sencha Touch, Cordova, Titanium, Xamarin, Android Studio, Atom,

Do you develop mobile apps with native or hybrid?

Both the platforms have their own pros and cons. We build both kind of apps, native as well as hybrid, depending on the client’s needs and product feasibility

What is the app development process that you follow?

We have embraced agile development practices across all our functions. The Agile approach focuses on customer involvement, flexible planning, regular feedback, and most importantly, managing risks and change requests in an efficient way. As a turnkey application development company, we cover the entire gamut of application development; requirement framing, UI/UX designing, code development, and then maintenance. Each application that we develop passes through the following phases.

MVP Development
You might have the next billion dollar idea, or maybe the entire application design and flow on paper. However, before investing more time and money into it, you have to make sure that is viable for your target audience. Our ultimate objective in this stage is to build a working prototype that solves the primary problem, identifies the right target persona and paves the way for a market fit product.

UI/UX Development 
Our interfaces aren’t just designs and colors, but innovative interactions that are a product of a deep understanding of your user’s behavior, functionality and your industry trends. We create interfaces that are aesthetically appealing, flawless to use, and drive people to take action.

Full Stack Development
When it comes to code development, we know all the latest technologies that are currently available. Our engineers combine latest technologies with top-notch development processes like Agile and DevOps. We make sure that your application excels in every dimension; scalability, technology stack, robustness or functionality.

Quality Assurance
Quality is not an act. Its a habit. We have embraced a built-in-quality approach across our organization. Using state of the art tools and processes, we strive to produce secure, reliable, and clean coded solutions.

Software Maintenance
We help you keep your software tuned and make sure it is armed with new features, technology trends, and is compatible with OS updates. We perform periodic maintainability analysis and application enhancement program that involves UI/UX modernization, OS updates, performance optimization, version upgrades etc.

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

One of the best Mobile App development company globally working with the best clients.

What is the new technology you are working on?

Daffodil has always been an early adopter and exponent of latest technologies. We constantly experiment with nascent technologies to build an early expertise and pass on the benefits to our clients. We are devotedly working on Blockchain and Artificial intelligence these days

Do you work on technologies like IoT, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, we are quite excited about Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Are you looking for customers in a particular industry or domain? Please mention just one industry.

Yes. Healthcare application development is our invincible forte. We’re looking for customers in the healthcare industry.


App Development Company Daffodil: Interview with Yogesh Agarwal was conducted over an email communicationAll the information provided is approved by VogApp’s officials before publishing. If you need further information then you can reach out to them directly on their official website. Special Thanks to Kartik & Kunwar for acting swiftly and making this interview possible. For more such interviews and interesting news check our app developers section.

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