Exploring the Best Hiking App: A Comprehensive Review of AllTrails

Embark on a Digital Odyssey: Navigating the Trails with AllTrails

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In the vast landscape of hiking apps, finding the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures can be challenging. With countless options available, selecting the right app becomes crucial for a seamless experience. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the intricacies of AllTrails, an American platform that has been a staple in our hiking journeys for over five years.

AllTrails Unveiled

Launched in 2010, AllTrails serves as a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a plethora of options for hiking, mountain biking, running, climbing, and winter sports. With a “Freemium” model, the platform boasts over 45 million users globally and a staggering 400,000 trails.

How AllTrails Leveraged Product-Channel Fit To Scale Its Subscription App
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Free Features Overview

Finding Hiking Routes and Trail Ideas

With an extensive database of over 400,000 verified routes worldwide, emerges as a treasure trove for hiking inspiration. The user-generated and “verified” trails, accompanied by reviews and comments, provide a comprehensive guide for adventurers.

Download Free Tracks in Multiple Formats

The free version allows users to download GPX files, KML, Garmin, and more, supporting over 30 formats. This feature facilitates easy access to trails directly on smartphones or connected watches, a valuable asset for avid hikers.

Designing Personal Trails

AllTrails shines in its trail creation tool, enabling users to effortlessly design routes. The intuitive interface allows for quick itinerary creation, enhancing the user experience. We’ve personally created over 500 itineraries integrated with interactive maps for our blog.

AllTrails+ (Premium Version): Unveiling the Perks

Offline Mode and Map Printing

Opting for the AllTrails+ subscription introduces the game-changing ability to save hiking routes for offline use. This ensures navigation in no-network coverage areas while conserving battery life, a crucial feature for extended hikes.

Search for Hiking Trails Near You

AllTrails+ enhances the search experience by allowing users to share their location, discovering nearby itineraries within a defined radius. While not indispensable, it adds a convenient touch for those seeking local adventures.

Get Alerts for Wrong Turns

The premium version offers a valuable notification feature, alerting users when they deviate from their intended path. Though not utilized by everyone, it proves beneficial for those who may require additional navigational assistance.

Additional Features

Beyond the aforementioned, AllTrails+ provides an ad-free experience, detailed map filters (weather, pollen concentration, light pollution), and a 3D visualization of routes for enhanced planning.

AllTrails+ Price Point

Addressing the financial aspect, the AllTrails+ version comes at €29.99 per year, with a 14-day free trial. A noteworthy incentive for our readers is a 30% discount on the annual subscription through our link, reducing the cost to less than €2 per month.

Real-world Usage of AllTrails

Having immersed ourselves in AllTrails since 2019, our usage diverges from the norm. We prioritize route preparation using the app’s offline option, ensuring seamless navigation during hikes. Our preference lies in creating clean GPX tracks, conserving battery, and relying on traditional map-reading skills.

Why AllTrails Stands Out

Our journey with spans over four years, driven not just by personal preference but by a commitment to our audience. The app aligns with our goal of sharing meticulously planned hikes, allowing easy access to maps in various formats without the obligation of a premium subscription.

Exploring Alternatives: A Brief Overview

While remains our top choice, we acknowledge the existence of other well-crafted hiking apps. Briefly, apps like Wikiloc, VisoRando, Outdooractive, Komoot, and Decathlon Outdoor offer unique strengths, catering to diverse preferences.

AllTrails Triumphs

In the realm of hiking apps, the quest for the ideal companion is subjective. AllTrails emerges as our unequivocal choice, offering an extensive array of trails, intuitive features, and seamless sharing capabilities. Whether you prioritize community engagement or practical functionality, creating free accounts on multiple apps is advisable for personalized exploration.

As we conclude, we invite your insights and questions regarding AllTrails or suggestions for alternative hiking apps. Feel free to share your experiences or seek additional information, and let the adventure continue!


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