Bill Gates’ Prediction for the Coming Year

Bill Gates' Forecast

Bill Gates forecasted an event similar to COVID-19

Bill Gates, a businessman, computer scientist, and philanthropist was able to foresee a health problem such as the one currently faced because of the Covid-19.

He guessed later which pharmacist would have begun the first dose. In the same way, he has talked about the end of the pandemic and what changes will remain. What 2021 might be like, he shortly revealed, and not everything is positive.

An article entitled “These developments will make 2021 better than 2020” was announced by the Microsoft co-founder via his blog. In which, as well as what we can hope to see in 2021, he touches on the lessons learned in the previous year.

Difficult First Quarter of 2021

We are not yet out of danger. The next months could be the worst due to coronavirus infections, according to some computer models. That is specifically because of the need to know more about the new virus strain that has arisen. Although, the new strain which appears to be spreading faster is not deadlier.

He warned that the Covid-19 issue will continue to be on the global political agenda, a topic that we will continue to hear very much. He actually said that he estimates that much of his time this year will be spent talking about coronavirus and also about climate change with world leaders.

He warns that the mass production and delivery of vaccines will be a great challenge for countries. Although the arrival of vaccines has been a great move that has provided hope for the entire world.

Sadly, there are still not many factories where mRNA products can be built. While this is more of an engineering problem than a scientific obstacle. The Vaccine must also be stored at temperatures as low as -70 ° C. That makes them especially difficult to distribute in poor or developing countries.

Devil is not as Black as it Seems

The good news is that there will be major improvements in the way countries perform cheaper and faster studies, according to Gates. Making these difficult evaluations pointless in practice. He claimed that in a year, human beings have never progressed more than with Covid-19 in any disease. In that sense, the philanthropist assumes that 2021 will be a year full of hope. 

There are also two main reasons for being optimistic. One is that masks, social distancing, and other steps will reduce the spread of the virus saving lives during the rollout of vaccines.

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