Cased announces a $2.25M seed round to help developers

Cased announces a $2.25M seed round

Cased announces a $2.25M seed round to help developers work in production environments

Cased announced a $ 2.25 million seed round led by the Founders Fund. Other investors include a group of eminent technology angel investors. The company also announced that the product is available to all developers for the first time today. It is worth noting that the funding actually closed last April, and they are announcing it today.

Cassid’s CEO and co-founder Brian Burn says that he and his fellow co-founders cut their teeth at GitHub. They experienced this problem of working in a live production environment. He says the typical response by large companies is to build an appliance in-house. But it is not an option for many small companies. There is a problem on every developer’s face, in which a live application has to face problems without messing it up. In fact, many companies have access restricted. Cass, an early-stage startup, has come up with a solution to provide a way to work safely with live applications.

Cased also announced that the product is generally available to all: 

It involves providing development teams with open access to production command-line tools. That enables executives to open up access with specific rules and the ability to audit who has been accessing the production environment. The company launched at the beginning of last year and the founders have been working with design partners and early customers prior to officially opening the site to the general public today.

They currently have five people including the four founders. Byrne says that they have had a good initial reaction to the product and are in the process of hiring additional employees. He says that as they do, diversity and inclusion are a big priority for the founders, even as a very early-stage company.

Companies are forced to restrict access to production and restrict access to tools that developers need to work in production. A lot of the biggest tech companies invest in millions to deliver great developer experiences, but obviously smaller companies don’t have those resources

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