Tony Xu, co-founder and CEO of Doordash, has been appointed to Meta’s board of directors

Tony Xu has built an incredible service, Doordash, that lets millions of people order meals and other things from hundreds of thousands of restaurants and small businesses.


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Tony Xu, co-founder, and CEO of Doordash has been appointed to the board of directors of Meta, the Facebook parent company announced Tuesday. Xu joined Doordash as CEO in 2013 and was appointed head of the company’s board of directors in November 2020. According to Meta, Xu’s appointment is immediate. With Xu’s work, Meta’s board of directors now has ten members.

Xu stated in a news release announcing the announcement that millions of local merchants use Meta’s solutions every month to expand and manage their companies. And that he looks forward to working with the board as the firm moves forward.

Today’s announcement comes when Meta has placed a premium on commerce in recent years, having launched several retail capabilities across its programs, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The company has concentrated on integrating retail and e-commerce capabilities directly into its services to keep people from leaving.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, stated that Xu has experience addressing complex problems in commerce and that the business would harness his knowledge as it builds the Metaverse. Commerce will be a significant component of the Metaverse, implying that Xu will likely advise the board on such topics.

According to Zuckerberg, Tony has established a fantastic service that enables millions of people to order meals and other goods from hundreds of thousands of restaurants and small companies. Tony has firsthand experience leading a technology firm and overcoming challenging issues in commerce. 

Zuckerberg is a member of Meta’s board of directors, as is Peggy Alford, executive vice president of global sales at PayPal; Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz; Drew Houston, co-founder, and CEO of Dropbox; Nancy Killefer, a retired senior partner at McKinsey & Company; Robert Kimmitt, Meta’s lead independent director and senior international counsel at WilmerHale LLP; Sheryl K. Sandberg, Meta’s chief.

About Doordash

DoorDash is a technology company that connects consumers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Germany to the best service providers in their respective locations. It helps small enterprises satisfy customers’ expectations for simplicity and convenience, therefore creating new opportunities for individuals to earn, work, and live. By establishing a last-mile logistics infrastructure for local commerce, we can further our purpose of growing and empowering small businesses.

Large Order Deliveries via DoorDash are orders that require special processing. Experienced Dashers qualified for Doordash Drive will sign up to get notifications about these delivery possibilities while dashing and reserving a limited number of opportunities in advance.

Catering and big group purchases done directly with the shop are examples of these deliveries. Specific delivery opportunities may even require some setup after you get at the client’s location if the restaurant or customer so requests. 

Customers can use Shop & Deliver to place orders from grocery, convenience, or retail stores and have them delivered directly to their door. For Dashers, this entails shopping at the store for the customer’s list of things, paying with your Red Card at the checkout, and then delivering the purchase to the consumer. 

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