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Chess Vision: Revolutionizing Chess Analysis


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As a chess enthusiast, I’ve always marveled at the complexity of the game. Chess is a classic example of a problem that falls under the P vs NP category, where finding the best move in a given position can be incredibly challenging for computers. However, in the world of technology, solutions keep emerging to bridge this gap. I recently discovered an intriguing app that aims to tackle this challenge head-on:

Chess has long been regarded as the ultimate test of human intelligence, a game where strategy, calculation, and creativity intertwine. Yet, for computers, deciphering the perfect move in a given position is akin to solving a puzzle from the vast library of P vs NP problems. These problems encompass questions where it’s relatively easy to verify a potential solution (NP) but immensely challenging to find a solution (P). Chess, with its myriad possibilities, epitomizes this complexity.

In the face of this challenge, emerges as a potential game-changer. It offers a multifaceted approach to chess analysis, redefining how we explore and understand this timeless game. Let’s go deep into the app’s offerings and how it navigates the labyrinthine world of chess positions and puzzles.

Bringing the Vision to Life is a versatile tool that can scan and analyze chess positions from various sources, including websites, books, images, and even videos. It’s a Swiss Army knife for chess players, offering a range of features to enhance your chess experience.

Unveiling the Features

Handle Multiple Boards: lets you work on multiple boards simultaneously. You can choose which board to scan, providing a flexible and efficient approach to analyzing multiple positions.

Seamless Integration with In Chrome, you can enhance your analysis by adding the Videos Section, which allows you to watch videos explaining the position on the board, adding depth to your learning.

Interactive Chess eBooks: breathes life into your PDF chess books. You can open any PDF chess book and use the Reader to process it. Double-click on any chess diagram to open it for analysis.

Perfect for Teachers: For chess educators, the app is a gem. You can select diagrams from your books, create exercises for your students, and export them to platforms like Lichess Study or as PDF sheets.

Scan Prints and Digital Sources: recognizes positions from photos, making it easy to analyze positions from print materials or your gallery. 

Find Matching YouTube Videos: The app automatically locates YouTube videos that match the scanned position, providing valuable insights and lessons.

Real-time Analysis: Watch chess videos with synchronized analysis boards, engines, and move lists, creating an immersive learning experience.

Filter for Chess Concepts: Use filters to find videos based on specific chess concepts, making it easy to focus on areas of interest.

My Experience with

As a chess player, I was instantly drawn to ChessVision’s promise. The app lives up to its name, functioning as an explorer and analyzer for chess games and positions. The homepage offers three convenient options to input positions, making it accessible for various scenarios.

One standout feature is’s ability to calculate possible lines and the best moves with remarkable speed, thanks to its Stockfish 10+ engine. Whether you’re analyzing known puzzles or your own game positions, the app can delve up to a depth of 60 in no time, offering precise guidance.

The Video Explorer tab is a treasure trove of YouTube videos related to your game lines and gambits, enriching your understanding of the game.

Pros and Cons

While boasts numerous advantages, a couple of issues deserve attention. The app sometimes experiences a reduction in engine depth, affecting calculations. Also, the interface can be a bit temperamental, as a simple touch on the back button exits the app entirely.




In the realm of chess analysis apps, Chess Vision stands out as a powerful and versatile tool. Its ability to scan and analyze positions, find related videos, and provide real-time insights makes it a valuable asset for chess enthusiasts and learners alike. As with any technology, there are minor quirks that need attention, but these are overshadowed by the app’s strengths. Chess Vision has the potential to elevate your chess game and learning experience, provided the developers continue to fine-tune and improve the app. Chess Vision, available on Android and iOS, could become an indispensable companion on your chess journey. Prepare for an exciting and insightful chess adventure with Chess Vision!

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Rest assured, you’re in for an exciting and insightful chess adventure with Chess Vision!


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