Chromecast Screensavers Encourage People To Vote

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Chromecast encourages people to vote

Recently,’s homepage in the United States of America has featured information on “how to vote this election,” and the company is now bringing that message to the screensavers found on Chromecasts.

The Chromecast Ambient Mode helps make your television less stagnant when nothing is currently being cast. In between nature images, we’ve encountered two backgrounds encouraging people to “VOTE.” The corner notes the different artists involved, with works ranging in style, as well as a “Google” logo to mark how this is an official effort.

The bottom-right has a “” URL that just takes you to where you can click below the search field to get information for your state. There are links to local websites and other resources, as well as “Key dates and deadlines.”

In all, these special backgrounds only appear for a few seconds before switching back to your set collection, and there is even a bar counting down its disappearance. They are not disruptive and fit right in especially if you’re using the “Fine art” or “Street art” collections.

Today, We’ve encountered this Google screensaver to vote on a Chromecast Ultra. We haven’t been able to replicate it on the new Google TV model, but this PSA should also be available on the regular 3rd-generation streaming dongle.

Google adds new voter’s aid

Google is rolling out a number of features across Assistant, Maps, and Search that will help people vote.

The company notes that “searches for ‘how to vote’ in the US are higher than ever before.” When looking up “where to vote” in Maps, users will actually be directed to Google Search. Here, they can enter their street address to see locations grouped by Election Day, Vote Early, and DropBox.

Meanwhile, Assistant in the coming days will support a “Hey Google, where do I vote?” command. This will work on Android or iOS phones, Smart Displays, and speakers. It provides mostly the same experience as Search.

Google lists where it’s sourcing these locations at the top of results, while Search still surfaces state and local election websites below.

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