Creatio Raised $68 Million For its CRM Program

Creatio Raised $68 Million For its CRM Program

Creatio Raised $68 Million For its CRM Program

Creatio is a global software company that offers to lead low-code process management and CRM platform. Recently, it reported a $68 million capital increase led by Volition Capital. It is a US-based growth equity fund that invests in high-growth companies with a stake in Horizon Capital. The financing is a minority investment to drive the growth of the company. The strategy, management team, product vision, and dedication to consumer success of Creatio remained unchanged.

The increase is the first external investment in the eight-year history of Creatio. It comes during a time of boom for low-code and no-code platforms. It spans everything from web creation, game manufacturing, and process automation to enterprise app building and marketing analytics. Today, the worldwide low-code production market is pegged at approximately $10 billion. The figure is expected to grow to $187 billion in a decade as corporations fight to attract top technological talent. The less technically capable workers can rely on automated resources such as Creatio. The low-code frameworks aim to help organizations enhance many of their internal creation and operational processes.

About Creatio

Creatio is based in Boston and established in 2013. The company provides a low-code studio that helps organizations automate. It uses a drag-and-drop rules-based interface to automate the internal processes in minutes. For example, Creatio will completely automate the various steps involved in a repetitive onboarding phase for employees, such as sending back-and-forth e-mails and uploading documents.

Without previous external capital, Creatio has achieved rapid organic growth since its founding. Today, with a team of 600 employees worldwide, the organization is producing exceptional financial results. This investment comes on the back of the rapid exponential growth of companies. Its net retention rate in 2020 was the highest in the company’s history, considering the COVID-19 pandemic. To actively build on this momentum, Creatio will use the funds to invest in R&D, global marketing, and distribution growth, and support its large network of partners in 110 countries around the world.

Creatio also provides businesses with external tool integrations, such as Excel, Microsoft Exchange, and Google. The Creatio marketplace opens up a wide variety of social networking, messaging, and productivity tool ties. It includes out-of-the-box process templates as well. Creatio offers an accessible API for companies to build their custom integrations with third-party applications. Top market experts, including Gartner and Forrester, regularly contact Creatio. Five Gartner Magic Quadrants and seven Forrester Waves include it. It was listed in 2019 and 2020 as a Pioneer in two Gartner Magic Quadrants for Sales Force Automation and CRM Lead Management.

Leveraging a Significant Market Opportunity

The emerging worldwide low-code development platform market is projected to reach $187 billion by 2030. It has immense potential for organizations to digitize key business processes and reinvent how they interact with customers, partners, and staff. It will use the funds to boost the growth of the low-code process management and CRM solutions market.

Creatio offers an extensive partner base and has made impressive organic growth and market traction possible with a commitment to customer success. As companies embrace low-code solutions that close the IT delivery gap and empower any organization to become a low-code business, its leadership position is further strengthened.

Obsessed with Customer Success

Creatio has achieved some of the highest customer feedback and a Net Promoter Score of 34 for the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction, including lifetime advice for the best use of its technology. Creatio empowers medium-sized to large businesses to accelerate and scale the automation of customer-facing and organizational processes. 24 verticals are the focus of the company, including financial services, engineering, technical services, and others. Creatio has developed a reputation as a partner that consistently exceeds expectations through its commitment to delivering value to clients and helping companies achieve business goals.

Partnerships are fundamental to the vision of Creatio and play a vital part in the strategy of the organization. Its go-to-market strategy focuses on directly servicing consumers through offices around the world and a channel network in 110 countries with 700+ partners.

Through its partner program with top global system integrators and consultants such as Tata Consulting Services, Amdocs, Virtusa, Softline, Software Mahindra, and many other worldwide channel partners, Creatio is driving mutual performance. To broaden the platform and boost productivity, the company is also rapidly expanding its already strong marketplace ecosystem of ready-to-use applications, vertical solutions, and models.


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