Endomondo App Review

Endomondo App Review

What is Endomondo App?

In the modern world, good looks have become quite important; so everyone wants to look great. This is the reason many people are joining gyms, going for crash diets, and even taking the help of pills to obtain a perfect body. For those people who desire to achieve a healthy life and a toned body; mobile apps are now playing a magic wand to help them provide better health and fitness.

With so many fitness apps out there in the market; Endomondo App which considered to be the top-rated personal training; providing assistance to millions of users.

Key Features

The Endomondo app enables users to track their fitness activities along with 60+ sports using GPS. The tracker helps users analyze their workout summary and provides audio feedback on the same. Also, users can log into the indoor workouts manually with the help of this app to observe their full training log. The users can know about new personal best through the notifications by the app and also celebrate their workout progress.

The Endomondo app has a feature where users can connect to many other apps along with wearables; such as Garmin Connect, TomTom MySport, Fitbit accounts, Polar Flow accounts, and sync their workouts. Also, it can be used by the users to pair with the heart rate monitors and train smarter. Apart from all these, the app allows users to connect with BTLE speed and cadence sensors, Google Fit and Samsung Health, MyFitnessPal, and Relive to operate many functions available on these networks.

The Audio coach in the Endomondo app will help users in their workout goals. The users are able to commit to weekly goals and invite friends to become motivators. The users can participate in the featured challenges available in the app to win cool prizes.

Why you should download the Endomondo App?

The users get the best advantages with this app where they can track their runs, rides, walks, and workouts through the GPS; and can also analyze their stats in order to reach their fitness goals.  By being a part of the Endomondo app’s global community and connecting will millions of fitness enthusiasts and athletes will help users get motivated for becoming active.

The app allows connecting with friends following their workouts live. Users can send and receive real-time audio pep talks within the community. The app helps to store all the data synced automatically with the user’s profile.

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