Experiential learning startup Habbit raises $320K in pre-seed round

The firm will utilize the cash to expand its user base, integrate additional mentors and develop the product further.


Main Highlights

A digital talent and hobbies interactive online learning platform, Habbit has raised $320,000 in pre-seeds under the direction of Ashok Goyal, Sanjeev Goenka Group former Supervisory Board member, Philips Carbon Black former Managing Director and former President KEC International, involving a pool of renowned angel investors.

Rajinder Mohan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, RT Vision Technologies and Bitcomm Technologies; Gaurav Vij, Regional Head, East, Sanctum Wealth Management; Geeta Ahluwalia, founder, Aanchal Apparels Private Limited; and Kunal Ojha S/O Vijay Ojha, Chairperson, Techno Relief Group, all participating in this round of investors.

How will Habbit use the funds?

The firm will utilize the capital to expand its user community, integrate additional mentors, and improve the product further. Habbit is an immersive learning platform that unites enthusiastic mentors and students through live mentorship, dedicating learner experience, and community building, founded in September 2020 with Somnath Sandeep and Raghav Goyal.

Habbit is an online study community that may be helped by anybody who wants to acquire a certain skill or interest. It offers interactive live learning with a focus on the actual world. When you have discovered a course corresponding to your interests, click on the Register button. Review your calendar. Check out the description of your class, projects, reviews, and more on the overview tab to ensure it is the best choice for you.

Types of classes offered by Habbit

Habbit offers three classes: a) Focus: Obtain one-on-one instruction for an individual study trip. Concentrate on your training if you wish to perfect your skills, overcome obstacles and increase your talent to a profession.

b) Course: Come on a voyage of fun with experienced mentors and a small team of motivated learners. Get personal attention, connect and join a creative thinking community that shares your interests.

c) Workshop: learning one skill, one lesson, and one project at a time. Workshops consist of concisely designed, one-time sessions that aim towards a project or a product. Live and virtual habit sessions. After you have registered for a course or workshop, the Zoom link for your individual sessions is sent by e-mail.

When Somnath Sandeep, co-founder, Habbit, told the new development, “Engagement and connection through live mentorship and the community are limited in a world full of content and consumption.” They have witnessed increased confirmation of their business model and the overwhelming acceptance of the students, in particular university students, working professionals, and homemakers, to immerse themselves into their living experience and communities.

They grew the network to more than 5,000 students and performed a further 400 learning sessions in only three months after the launch of their products. Their present investors with enormous expertise and strategic vision could hardly demand better partners. The increased investments will mainly expedite the development of products, extend content and provide the basis to cover the learners’ unique learning experiences.

Habbit was founded in two directions, first, to help students to become creators and to promote the monetization of existing creators, and second, to encourage people to become micro-enterprises, to have a hobby, recreational clothes, or a meaningful interest that gives them a break from their everyday life.

Learners can select one-on-one teaching for a personalized learning experience or take on a fun adventure with experienced mentors with a small group of dedicated teachers. In addition, students might take concise once lessons or workshops together to acquire skills. In Habbit learners may also be part of a community of other students together with learning experiences.

“With the globe still enduring pandemic impacts, individuals are not only seeking innovative means to invest their time to prevent burnout from our daily grind, but they are also looking for it as their side or their biggest show.” Raghav Goyal, co-founder, Habbit, stated. Being a creator becomes more and more a fulfilling career and sustainable lifestyle. At Habbit you may learn about your passion, meet your family, share adventures, and establish relationships that last a lifetime.

Today Habbit provides 42 talents, including art, music, design, gaming, fitness, dancing, and gardening in seven categories. The business intends to provide new era digital, self-care, and culinary arts and photography learning experiences. The firm claims to have conducted more than 5,000 students and more than 400 study sessions thus far.

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