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First Bus app lets you buy a great value mobile ticket or see when your bus is due with real-time updates.

What is First Bus App? 

We all wish to plan a hassle-free journey. Plan a date and ensure that everything is well-planned, from your journey to your arrival at your destination. With the First Bus app, you can carefully plan your journey.

First Bus App is the more intelligent way to catch a bus. Simply download the First Bus App to your phone to purchase and save tickets. You’ll never have to be concerned about misplacing your ticket or forgetting your change again. When you board, simply scan each mobile ticket and you’re ready to go.

First Bus app is your door-to-door route planner; check the quickest route to work or plan a new adventure. This app is similar to any bus timetable app in that you can enter your starting point and destination to see your route options, and the app will show you which bus service can get you there. Not to worry, the app provides step-by-step instructions to make the journey as easy as possible.

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Features of First Bus App

Why choose First Bus App? 

First Bus continues to promote cashless payments, and the use of the First Bus App to purchase tickets would be appreciated to reduce the need for contact between customers and drivers and avoid the use of cash. There’s no need to carry cash or worry about having enough change with mTickets. Furthermore, some of the tickets are cheaper on the app, so download it to ensure you get our best bus ticket prices.

Your payments are secure, and there’s even a handy ‘buy again’ button with one-tap checkout, so you can buy your ticket before you board quickly and easily. You can pay with a credit card, Apple Pay, or PayPal.

The map shows nearby bus stops and train stations, as well as links to live updates, so you can check when your bus is coming and arrive at your bus stop just before it arrives.

First Bus App Review

Frequently Asked Questions

The first bus offers a variety of tickets, which vary depending on the area of travel. Check out the tickets in your area for more information.

Yes! You can activate multiple tickets on the same device at the same time. This feature is only available in the First Bus App version 4.5.0 or higher, so make sure you have the most recent version.

To add a payment card, navigate to the payment methods page and click the ‘Visa / Mastercard / PayPal’ button. Enter your card details, and the app will complete the purchase process, encrypt your card details, and securely store them so you can reuse them without having to enter them again.

The most recently used card (or PayPal account) will be presented as the default option the next time you make a purchase. Select ‘Change Payment Method’ if you want to use a previously entered card or enter a new one.

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