Flipkart launches Flipkart Camera, with AR capability, on its app

Flipkart Camera will be accessible in categories such as furniture, big appliances, and cosmetics, and will allow customers to examine items in real-life settings.

Main Highlights

Flipkart, owned by Walmart, debuted an augmented reality (AR) capability on its app, Flipkart Camera, on Wednesday. It would provide users with an immersive retail experience. According to a Flipkart release, the new feature would allow customers to go from “envisioning” to “experiencing” what a thing will look like in real life before making a buy.

Flipkart, India’s biggest e-commerce platform, thinks there is a need and potential to provide customers with in-person purchase experiences through the use of technology such as augmented reality.

Need of introducing AR

According to the e-commerce company, customers can have a visual, 3D experience of products using the Flipkart Camera in categories such as furniture, luggage, and large appliances where they need to estimate the size and fit of the product and understand its aesthetics before making a purchase decision.

In fact, this capacity will offer confidence to customers in the beauty sector since it makes it possible for them to sample items digitally before making a buying choice.


“At Flipkart, we are always working towards making e-commerce an inclusive and engaging experience for customers,” said Jeyandran Venugopal, Chief Product, and Technology Officer. This technology has many uses and has the potential to significantly enhance customer experience while also assisting consumers in finding the best product fit.”

Customers’ use of augmented reality has increased due to the growing proliferation of smartphones. According to Gartner’s research, Gen Z and millennials are driving demand for AR and VR features, with 30% of the sample space desiring more AR/VR capabilities integrated into their purchasing experience.

Flipkart has launched a number of efforts to make online buying more convenient. It has introduced Voice Assistant, which allows customers to shop via audio and in languages other than English. Flipkart, which was founded in 2007, now has over 350 million registered consumers and sells 150 million goods across 80+ categories.

Long after firms like Pepperfry, Caratlane, and Lenskart added augmented reality to their apps, Flipkart, India’s largest shopping platform, has added a similar feature to its app. This augmented reality feature on the Flipkart App will allow buyers to virtually view how the goods would appear in real life before making a purchase.

How to use this new feature?

To begin, a ‘view in your room’ option appears under the app’s pick selection of items. By clicking on the same, the camera is activated, and by panning the phone camera over the floor for a few seconds, the life-size copy of the product within the home is superimposed.

Flipkart thinks that this new feature would provide a more immersive e-commerce experience in categories like furniture, baggage, and major appliances, where buyers must assess the size and fit of the goods as well as comprehend its aesthetics before making a purchase choice. The ‘Beauty’ category is said to be another area where AR may function effectively and eliminate guessing.

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