Fluent Icon Pack App Review

What is the Fluent Icon Pack App?

Fluent Icon Pack app is an icon designing software based on fluent design guidelines by Microsoft. It is to be noted about this app is that it is not a standalone app. You need to have a launcher app preinstalled.

Fluent Icon Pack is compatible with the following launchers:

Action Launcher, Apex Launcher, GO Launcher, Holo Launcher, LG Home, Microsoft Launcher, OnePlus Launcher, Smart Launcher, etc.

This app is developed by Mihul Singh who is an Indian-based app developer. The app was released on the app store in May 2020.

The app is a very smart and nice-looking app for all Android devices. It provides your app screen with a very pleasing and vibrant look.

Main Highlights

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Features of Fluent Icon Pack App

This app comes with an in-built feature of sending icon requests as per your favorite icon.

Uniquely designed cloud-based Full HD wallpapers to provide a vibrant display to your screen.

Dynamic clock icons for some supported launchers.

Why Fluent Icon Pack app?

Fluent Icon Pack app is a Microsoft guideline-based very unique and vibrant icon collection that provides your Android device with a very pleasing and smart-looking app screen. One of the major features of this app is that it’s completely advertisement-free.

Fluent Icon Pack App Reviews

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