GasBuddy App Review 2021 | An amazing utility app

With GasBuddy, you can buy gas at reduced prices and earn cashbacks.

What is GasBuddy App? 

GasBuddy is a money-saving utility app that finds you gas stations near your location. You can buy gas at reduced prices if you use the GasBuddy tracker that provides the fuel cost of nearby gas stations. With it, you can view which gas stations are currently on sale and how much you can save if you buy gas from there. You will also get cashbacks if you use GasBuddy to pay for gas whenever and wherever. The gas prices that are shown are user-submitted and thus, there is only a small chance of them being inaccurate.

Drivers, truckers, and other people buy gas and then update the prices in GasBuddy so that more people can know what the price is or if the stations are on a sale and providing gas at cheaper prices. You can also submit the gas prices whenever you buy them and help your fellow drivers and other people with the latest deals and offers. You can compare prices from different outlets and find the one that is cheap and lite for your pocket.

Pros of GasBuddy App: 

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Overview of GasBuddy App: 

GasBuddy is a platform where people can find information regarding the gas prices, deals, and offers on gas to compare them and buy gas from the outlets that are on sale or are providing gas at a cheaper price. With it, you can also track your gas logs, ie. how often you buy gas and all your data of where and when you bought how much amount of gas. The gas logs help you to see all your purchases, and you can also use them as proof to get reimbursement and tax benefits.

With the GasBuddy fuel card, you can on every gallon of gas that you buy at an outlet. Just link your bank account with GasBuddy and pay for gas and you could win up to 25¢ for every gallon of gas that you buy. Its price tracker is the best way to save on fuel payments so that you can save on something that you would buy anyway.

Features of the app: 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Both Android and iOS platforms are supported.

Yes, the app is free to use. Additionally, it provides a premium subscription.

Yes, the in-app purchases method is secure.

Which permissions are required to use the app? 

This app has access to:

Why should you use the app? 

With GasBuddy, you can save money on fuel prices by seeing which outlet is providing fuel at what cost. The prices are updated by real customers and so they are almost correct. You can use it to find different gas outlets and buy gas at a cheaper price. It also provides cashbacks so that you can save more and also drive more.

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