Google Announced A Surprise Event On Search And AI

google search on event banner

Google announced a surprise “Google Search On” event on October 15. Last month, Google in its fall hardware event “Launch Night In” launched its latest phones and Made by Google hardware. The coming event will focus on the improvements in Google Search and others.

Google hosts I/O, a multi-day developer conference, annually. It connects Google with the developers and witnesses the launch of new products, features, and services. But the pandemic led to the cancellation of the I/O event this year. So, instead, Google is focusing on improvements in Search.

The “Search On” event will be hosted via a Livestream on Youtube and the official Search On website. Here Google will mainly discuss the latest ways it has utilized the power of AI. Besides that, not much is not known about the event as Google is quite tight-lipped. It has only revealed the event along with the following quote attached to the Google Calendar event link: “Join us to hear how Google is helping people explore information like never before.” 

Google’s Event Calendar

The event will begin at 3 PM ET on October 15th. It will discuss how Google Search is ‘helping people understand the world with the power of AI’. Google may also feature improvements to Google Lens, Google Images, etc.

In 2019, Google launched its AR search features. This allowed users to view and interact with 3D objects directly from search. The Search now has hundreds of 3D animals and objects.

Other releases include Google Duplex, a major Search related feature. It has been integrated into the Google Assistant. Google also introduced a new Discover feed, Google Images upgrade, and ‘subtopics’ for Search.

The “Launch Night In” event saw the launch of the new Pixel phones. Google upgraded them with 5G capabilities. Pixel 4a 5G costing $499 will be equipped with a Snapdragon 765G processor. Though it lacks a fast-refreshing display it gets a 6.2 inch OLED screen. It will also feature a dual-camera setup comprising a wide and ultra-wide camera. The Pixel 5 features the same 765G processor paired with a 90Hz, HDR10+ enabled screen. The starting price of the Pixel 5 will be $699 or £699.


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