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GoMore app makes it possible for you to share a car with individuals in your neighborhood.

What is GoMore App?

GoMore app is a community of car-sharing members. When we share cars, we save money on travel expenses, reduce resource waste, and contribute to one another’s great experiences. It makes sense. GoMore enables you to carpool with neighbors. Our insurance covers all vehicles for the duration of the rental, and our Customer Care team is accessible to assist you at any time.

GoMore Leasing began as a car rental company. For a fixed monthly benefit that covers everything, you can obtain a vehicle. The car can also be hired when not in use. GoMore connects people in need of a ride with drivers who have additional space in their car. You can speak, listen to music, or simply enjoy the stillness in the automobile. Although no two excursions are identical, they are all fantastic.

Main Highlights

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Why choose GoMore App?

GoMore is a service that links people looking for a ride with drivers who have extra capacity in their vehicle. In the automobile, you can converse, listen to music, or simply enjoy the silence. There are no two same tours, and all ones are excellent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a lift passenger, you can cancel a reserved seat by going to this page.

Cancellation policies include the following:

If you book more than 24 hours before your trip, you won’t be charged.

Up to half off if you buy your ticket between 24 and 3 hours before your flight.

The total fare is due if you arrive less than three hours before departure.

There is no exception to the cancellation policy: only confirmed reservations are covered. No costs will be charged if you cancel an order that has not yet been processed.

You’ll be charged for the reservation as soon as it’s accepted. The money is given to the driver when the lift has been in use for twenty-four hours.

If the lift is canceled before it starts, your money will be returned to your bank account. Depending on the bank and the duration for repayment, most loans are paid back within 1-2 banking days.

Instead of using the collection time for the specific sub-route, the lift’s original start time will be used as a beginning point in this situation.

Whenever you choose, drivers with money in their GoMore accounts can transfer it to their checking or savings accounts.

When you’re finished, go to your balance sheet and select ‘Payout.’ Receiving the payment is free of charge—we payout every Tuesday and Thursday at 13:00 UTC. If you requested a payment during the last couple of days, it would take 1-2 banking days for the money to arrive in your account.

It’s important to remember that at this time, funds cannot be withdrawn to a foreign bank account.

The number of free kilometers you receive when renting a car from GoMore may vary depending on how long you have the vehicle.

If a discount is offered for a certain number of days of continuous rent, the tenant will have to drive fewer miles to make up for that discount. It’s always shown on your booking before approval, including the distance traveled. Additional kilometers can be paid by the tenant when the automobile is reserved. If your mileage turns out to be higher than predicted, you will not be given credit for the additional mileage. Don’t buy more than you’ll utilize in extra km.

After a booking has been approved, tenants who discover they need more kilometers can buy them using the “update rent” function in their rental overview by selecting “details” next to the rental they need more kilometers for. Before you begin your rental time, you will only be able to purchase a set amount of kilometers’ worth of additional mileage. After the lease starts, the additional kilometers are no longer available.

When you drive more than the included and possibly paid kilometers, the price per kilometer is 50 percent higher than the usual kilometer price. The landlord and renter must agree on how to handle overage km in the agreement. A 20 percent tax is charged to tenants and landlords who travel too many miles and register them on the app., the same as if the miles had been purchased as an add-on after making the reservation.

If overtaking kilometers are logged in the lease via the app, the tenant will be immediately charged. This will happen once all parties have agreed to the terms of the lease and signed it. The landlord’s GoMore account is automatically debited for rent due from the tenant’s card.

If you disagree with the number of kilometers you were charged for, please contact GoMore as soon as possible after renting the vehicle.

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