Google Adds A New Community Feed For Maps

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Lately, Google has been updating its Maps app with numerous features and improvements. Clearly, Google Maps has evolved during times such as these. The company is now adding a new ‘community feed’ in the Explore tab of Maps. It seems that Google has been focusing more on the food-centric social network.

The ‘Explore’ is the primary interactive screen of the mapping service. The community feed is placed within the Explore tab and contains all the latest reviews, photos, and posts that are added to Maps. These posts and photos can be updated by anybody.

The feed will also feature content from food and beverage merchants. Also, articles from famous publishers like The Infatuation will be featured in the feed. For those who follow their favorite food joints or restaurants, Maps will show updates in your feed along with recommended activities in your area.

Being a food-centric update, Maps will now show recommendations for places related to the food and drink preferences marked on it. When you tap the bottom bar icon, a sheet slides up showing all the popular places. Here, ‘recommendations and updates from trusted local sources’ will be displayed.

Google’s Blog post

Google touts its mapping service and contribution to the community in its blog. These include recommendations for their favorite spots, photos, updated addresses, updates to business services, etc.

This feature will also promote local businesses and help them connect with their customers. Food businesses have used Google’s Business Profile to let their followers know about their current offerings.

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