Google Adds ARCore Support for Various Smartphones

google ARCore

Recently, Google added ARCore support to many devices. Google has added new devices twice in this month, along with previously added smartphones.

What is Google ARCore?

Google’s ARCore SDK is designed to make it easier to develop augmented reality apps. To guarantee a consistent experience across devices, the company certifies devices through a specific process that ensures the camera, motion sensors, and CPU perform as expected. 

For instance, a certified ARCore phone has access to Google’s 3D Animal library in Search and Playground and has been tested to work properly with these services.

Augmented reality has the potential to become even more important. AR may not be as novel as it once was, but that doesn’t mean Google isn’t continually expanding its ARCore SDK to more devices to enable them to seamlessly access AR experiences like its virtual zoo.

Adding a device to the ARCore support list means Google has certified it to ensure that functions like the CPU, camera, and other sensors work as expected in AR-capable apps. In total, there are thirteen new devices that Google has tested and seen fit to add to the list.

Why is Google adding devices?

Google pivoted away from the Playground, the AR-powered app for Pixel devices, earlier this year. But the company has continued to invest in improving and adding new AR experiences. These experiences include museum exhibits and other 3D objects. 

In fact, this is the second time this month that Google has updated the list. Hence, it’s clear that while ARCore is not quite the pro yet. ARCore is yet to be available on all Android devices.

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