Google Assistant To Help Users Improve Sleep and Health

google assistant health

Google Assistant might be working to integrate health apps with the same. A deep dive into the recent beta version of the Google app on Android has revealed the same. The company aims to let users easily access tracked sleep data and other health-related information through voice commands.

Google’s main competitor Apple also focuses heavily on the Health and Sleep cycle of its users. This is evident from their Apple Watch Series of products. These products help Doctors and users with features like Fall detection, Heart Rate, etc.

What does the update suggest?

Such a move from Google makes Sense as many tech companies are focused on its consumers’ Health and Well-being, by launching products that aid individuals in the unlikely case of Emergency.

Users can choose to integrate health service accounts to the Google Assistant. They can also receive responses about sleep quality and other queries on the app. It is also available on Assistant-enabled speakers that have personal results turned on.

Health services can include apps like Garmin, Fitbit, etc. that collates data from fitness trackers. This could be useful for finding out the user’s sleep patterns. It can also help to see if anything can be done to improve it. Specific capabilities presumably depend on the service you’re connecting to Assistant.

Google also lets you enable personal results on Smart Displays and speakers. Information is only provided after verifying through Voice or Face Match that you’re the one asking. This sleep integration is accompanied by a new Google Assistant option to allow “proactive health and fitness results.”

The preference would allow Assistant to show health ‘data, suggestions, and related content’. It suggests that you’ll be able to ask about more than just sleep in the future.

To protect your privacy, Google will delete these audio queries after answering. Users can also disconnect health services from Google Assistant in settings, where this entire capability can be disabled.

It will not be surprising to see Google-owned Fitbit be one of the first providers to integrate with the Assistant if the feature does make it to the app.

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