Google won’t fire or suspend unvaccinated employees

Google's initial vaccine policy, revealed in July, remains in effect, requiring COVID-19 vaccinations or approved accommodations for anyone accessing its sites.

Main Highlights:

Google is no longer requiring its US-based workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Google spokesperson Lora Lee Erickson stated in a statement following the first publication of this piece that they are not now requiring vaccinations as a condition of employment for US office workers. They will continue to enforce their vaccination policy, which requires COVID-19 vaccines or authorized accommodations for anybody entering their locations because it is one of the most critical methods to protect their personnel and keep their services functioning.

However, a regulation requiring personnel to be vaccinated before returning to work remains in force. According to Erickson, Google’s initial vaccine policy, revealed in July, remains in effect, requiring COVID-19 vaccinations or approved accommodations for anyone accessing its sites. Additionally, Erickson notes that only employees at Google’s Santa Clara County headquarters would be required to wear masks in the office.

Additionally, CNBC obtained data from a statement issued to Google employees by David Radcliffe, the company’s vice president of real estate and workplace services. Google is repealing a regulation requiring anybody visiting a Google facility, even vaccinated employees, to have a negative COVID-19 molecular test. However, unvaccinated personnel who are authorized to enter offices will still be required to follow additional standards, including testing and wearing a mask, Radcliffe’s note noted.

The corporation started in December it will assess its return-to-office intentions in 2022. Google has already committed to providing staff with a 30-day notice before they are forced to return in person. Additionally, the corporation has revealed plans for a hybrid workweek in which most employees would report to the office three days each week.

Apple has also begun to alter its COVID-19 standards, removing the necessity for consumers to wear masks when shopping at Apple retail locations in numerous states. Apple may also eliminate the requirement for retail personnel to wear masks “in as little as two weeks,” according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

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Covid-19 Vaccines: Their Critical Role and Why You Should Not Ignore Them

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Efficacy of Covid-19 Vaccinations: Numerous drug regulatory agencies worldwide have studied the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines. They help reduce the chance of developing COVID-19.

You contribute to public health – Once vaccinated, your body is much better prepared to protect itself against other illnesses by boosting your immune system. Simultaneously, you are defending yourself and assisting those around you.

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