GoTo Global App Review 2021 | Multi-mobility platform

You can get a shared multi-mobility solution in Israel, Malta, and Madrid using the GoTo Global app.

What is GoTo Global App?

GoTo gives you all the wheels you need to get about freely. Don’t bother with the old car keys. With GoTo’s multimodal shared mobility fleet, you may gain flexibility and independence. Whether you’re commuting to work, dropping off the kid, going shopping, or spending the weekend near your favorite beach, you’ve got the correct option.

In Israel, Malta, and Madrid, GoTo Global is the shared multi-mobility solution. GoTo offers one service through the app, consistent quality, guaranteed availability, and different wheels for varied purposes. GoTo Global users have the option of using several modes of transportation, such as kick-scooters, mopeds, and cars, depending on their needs.

Main Highlights

app 20 Features of GoTo Global App

Functioning of GoTo Global app

  1. Start the app to find the best vehicle for your next adventure.
  2. Make plans for your ride.
  3. To unlock the vehicle, use the app.
  4. Drive to your location at your leisure.
  5. When you’re finished, park in an available parking spot found using the app, secure the vehicle, and complete your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a GoTo member, you have access to hundreds of vehicles and only pay for the time you use them. In addition to being a member of our loyalty program.

All car bookings can be made via our GoTo App by simply tapping the “For later” icon at the bottom of the App and then setting up the reservation as usual.

To get started with a GOTO Car, follow these steps:

Keep the gear lever in the P/ position.

Gently push the brake pedal and then the “Start” button.

The word “Ready” will appear on the display instrument with a beep.

Depending on the distance, you may need to refill autos while traveling to reach your destination or to ensure that you return the car with at least 25% of the tank filled.

One-way car

You are free to end your journey in any of our authorized parking places.


You must finish your reservation at the exact location where you picked up the car.


You can cancel your reservation at any time within the app’s service area.

No. GoTo Global doesn’t want GoTo automobiles to smell like smoking because numerous users share them. If GoTo Global becomes aware of or has reason to believe that you smoked while on vacation, GoTo Global may cost you any applicable cleaning bills following the price list.

One-way autos and mopeds

Yes, you can make as many stops as you like. Please remember to press the “Stop-Over” button within the App.


There is no need to tap on stop-over because you are booking the vehicle for some time.

You can start the moped by pressing the green button on the right side of the machine. The word “Ready” will appear on the screen.

One-way autos and mopeds

Can be reserved for free up to 15 minutes before the commencement of travel. If these 15 minutes expire before you start your trip, you can extend the holding time for a price equivalent to half the per-minute rate of your chosen plan.

Roundtrip vehicles

Bookings can be made up to three months in advance.

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