Your government is snooping on you in more ways than you think

What governments and big corporations want? 

You are an asset to your government ( and big corporations) and like everybody else, they want to “take care” of their asset. You earn money, pay the taxes and also raise future taxpayers for the government. All in all, you are their employee, asset, and bolt in the machinery called government. So like every “good” organization it must invest their energy in “asset management”. And a software guy can tell you that you need lots of data in order to do that. So let’s figure out how this data is collected from you without you even knowing about it ( and you happily give it ).

Facial Recognition Database (Snapchat): According to my assessment Snapchat is in the process of building the largest and most diverse facial recognition database ever. If you are smiling at the previous line thinking its another conspiracy theory then just click here and read the details about the US Patent # US9396354 .snapchat face recognition

Finger Print Database (Android & iOS Device):  Everbody jumped with joy when the fingerprint scanner was launched in the market. So what was the premise? keeping your phone safe from thieves Ah!. Now, just for a moment think what is the best possible way to collect fingerprint data for the government? Haul them up  & make them stand in the queue?  Nah!! give them a smartphone and tell them its more secure now because it unlocks on your fingerprint. And just like that without any government notices the data starts pouring in.

Location Movement ( Google Maps, Bing etc): You must have been pleasantly surprised when Google asked you for a review of the restaurant that you were standing a moment back. Sweet! marveling at the technology you gave 5 stars and moved on. Are you getting the drift? need I say more about the location thing? Your entire movement is recorded, sorted and stashed away at some data farm at some remote corner of the world.

Online Payments (Amazon, eBay etc): Every transaction you make, every $ that you spend and every time you do it along with your location, browser, app, your fingerprint, face, DNA recorded and stacked. I am sure you are getting the drift. You see my paragraphs are also getting shorter. 🙂

User Behaviour (Cookies, tracker, pixel etc): Every porn video that you watched, every profile that you “stalked”,   every post that you liked, every hate comment that you made..everything my friend everything is nicely sorted and kept in your “file”.

Communication (Whatsapp, skype, email etc): Hillary Clinton lost her election due to the email leaks. Everyone one of us have something or else to hide. Don’t we? 🙂 Well, all your keyboard strokes are recorded and neatly……..

Entertainment (Netflix, Youtube etc): What you watch says a lot about you. And Youtube knows a lot about you!

My Point: Just imagine a state where you have data (API) from all of these sources. What else do you need to know, predict and guess the next move of that human being? Just one thing a smart artificial intelligence program which can read through all this empirical data can actually predict your next move!

This is Hollywood stuff brewing up, I leave you with your imagination! And one last thing please share this and help the goverment get some more data about you 🙂 !


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