Gyde, an AI-powered software assistance platform, raises $250K in seed round

Gyde intends to use this financing to speed product development, recruit clients internationally, and provide personalized assistance to a thriving community of software users.

Main Highlights

Gyde, a Pune-based startup that has developed a set of AI-powered tools to educate software application users in order to drive actions for better onboarding, adoption, engagement, and customer success, raised $250,000 in seed funding on Thursday from Better Capital and Ashish Achrekar, CEO of Rica Analytics Inc.

The firm intends to use this financing to speed product development, recruit clients internationally, and provide personalized assistance to a thriving community of software users. Gyde, founded in 2019 by Prasanna Vaidya and Shubham Deshmukh, allows anybody inside an organization to write guides in a code-free method to provide application users with up-to-date support while using the apps.

Gyde’s CEO and Co-Founder, Prasanna Vaidya, stated, “Businesses recognize that delivering targeted, personalized support to application users is critical to achieving digital transformation in the office+remote work context. While deploying and managing applications for their workers, vendors, contractors, agents, and everyone else, user support is now at the heart of their strategy.”

The firm serves mid-sized businesses, cloud-based apps, in-house applications, and others wanting to increase user productivity. Gyde also recently released mobile SDKs and ready-to-use instructions for systems like SAP SuccessFactors, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Microsoft Dynamics. Furthermore, the platform is used by rising SaaS firms in the CRM, HR technology, and collaboration area.

“Gyde is reimagining the Microsoft Paperclip for today’s environment when digitization is at an all-time high and businesses struggle to assist their users to stay up with new apps and workflows. B2B and B2C businesses may use Gyde to provide rich step-by-step audio support, byte-sized training films, and how-tos at the point of issue. Better Capital’s Vaibhav Domkundwar stated, “We collaborated with Prasanna and Shubham at the inception stage and are eager to watch them develop Gyde into a category leader.”

How was Gyde started?

Gyde was created after hours and months of brainstorming by creators Prasanna Vaidya and Shubham Deshmukh, as well as their mentors, advisers, and early adopters. They were all overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of programs being developed and purchased, as well as the difficulty it was causing consumers to understand and utilize these numerous applications.

Gyde 2

They all agreed that there has to be a simple yet effective approach to assist software program users in figuring out how the application works and how to become proficient in using it. Existing solutions, on the other hand, were excessively inflexible and lacked insight. Gyde was designed to provide a faster, simpler, and more intelligent solution to tackle this problem at scale.

Gyde’s value system is built on four pillars: customers, technology, simplicity, and community. It is a software help platform that enhances the user experience and makes programs easier to operate. The initial encounters with an application determine how effectively and how quickly users embrace it. These interactions are smoothed out by a simplified, step-by-step tutorial, which helps users understand your apps quicker.

Benefits of using Gyde

Gyde is the ideal training platform for your software-enabled hybrid workforce. Gyde walks application (web & mobile) users through the process using step-by-step voice assistance, byte-sized training films, and detailed help pages. These are personalized, multilingual, and accessible where it is most needed – directly within the application. Step-by-step walkthroughs simplify any difficult procedure. They will Gyde users as they do tasks in real-time. Furthermore, these apps may be seen as videos.

Gyde provides personalized assistance based on the user’s role, location, and the page being viewed. Gyde also supports all of the world’s main languages. Simply choose your favorite language and you’re ready to begin. Regardless of whatever channel your users choose. Gyde connects with cloud-based, in-house mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Gyde’s built-in analytics provide you with information about how your application is being used. Be aware of your users’ problems, trends, and use habits, among other things.

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