Harvest Hosts raises $37 million to give RV campers cool places to stay

Harvest Hosts raises $37 million in funding.

Harvest Hosts raises $37 million in funding.

Harvest Hosts offers its members overnight stays at an extensive network of over 1,900 wineries, breweries, farms, golf courses, museums, and other scenic attractions across North America. From a lavender farm to a skydiving center and everything in between, Harvest Hosts is delivering a new kind of camping experience for road travelers. 

Harvest Hosts’ membership base doubled in 2020, and members spent over $25 million with the small businesses they visited. The rapid growth of the RV community has continued accelerating as a new class of travelers begin exploring the safe and scenic world of RV travel. The Investment Allows the Travel Company to Expand Its Host Locations While Supporting Thousands of North American Small Businesses.

Harvest Raises $37 Million for RV campers.

Harvest Hosts has raised $37 million in funding for its membership program that lets RV campers stay overnight in wineries and other cool places. Stripes led the investment in the Vail, Colorado-based company, which has seen a surge during the pandemic as more people take vacations using big recreational vehicles (RVs).

Harvest Hosts promises travelers safe, one-of-a-kind overnight experiences. It supports small businesses such as wineries, breweries, farms, golf courses, museums, and other attractions in North America. Harvest Hosts will use the money to acquire more hosts and users by advertising on platforms like Facebook. Holland said the company was growing quickly before the pandemic until everything went on hold last March. But Holland stayed the course.

Harvest Hosts and RV Industry continues to boom.

Harvest Hosts has a network of over 1,900 locations where people can stay at no charge. The travelers are encouraged to spend money at these locations, which range from a lavender farm to a skydiving center. It’s a new kind of camping experience, Holland said. In 2020, Harvest Hosts’ members doubled, and tother they spent over $25 million in places they visited.

As the RV industry continues to boom, RVers need great places to stay. Around 46 million people in the U.S. plan to take an RV trip in the next 12 months. To alleviate the growing camping inventory problem, Harvest Hosts is partnering with thousands of small businesses across North America to provide RVers with alternative overnight experiences while helping fuel the economy and keep small businesses afloat. 

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