Hirect App Review: An amazing way to connect with employers

Hirect app lets you chat directly with your employer and provides real time feedback.

We are all quite aware of how job placements go with the old technique of filling a form, going for an interview, presenting yourself, then waiting for a reply and at last getting disappointed if the luck is not with you. Or at least feeling bad since you spent all that time going for that job in vain. But even if you get selected, was all the hitchhike really necessary? With Hirect, say goodbye to all these time taking or more accurately, time-wasting processes.

Hirect lets you chat directly to your employer anytime and anywhere. No more searching for what clothes to wear and what shoes to put on. It connects you directly to your employer on your phone and cuts all the time taking processes with its effective mechanism. Its powerful algorithm finds you the job offer that you would like to appear in, and then you can chat with the employer or even organize a video conference with them.

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 What is the Hirect app? 

Hirect is one of the most beneficial apps you would want to help you in your career. Hirect is the modern alternative to job recruitments and interviews. It connects you directly to the employer and if you please the employer, they may hire you and give you further details. But unfortunately, if you don’t get that opportunity, there is no shame, but there is a scope for improvement, for employers may tell you what they were looking for and how well you performed.

 With Hirect, it does not matter what niche you are in, there are companies that would certainly like to hire you and you just have to be the best and show your skills.app 29

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Both iOS and Android platforms are compatible.


Yes, the app is free to use. Additionally, it has in-app purchases.


Yes, the in-app purchases method is secure.


The app requires permission to access media files, Wi-Fi connection, location, and storage on your device.


With Hirect searching and applying for jobs has never been easy. It is a brilliant platform that gives you the ability to find work and apply and interview for it virtually, without having to waste your time on applying, then showing up on interviews and waiting for unknown periods of time. Chat directly with your employer and schedule a video conference. Earn feedback in real-time and improvise according to them. Hirect is the best place you would like to begin your job hunting. It saves all the time and hard work and you can use that time to prepare and make yourself even better.

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