How Evan Goldberg Built Oracle NetSuite

Evan Goldberg

Evan founded NetSuite back in 1998

Oracle NetSuite is today the backbone of more than 24,000 businesses around the world. It started with four people in a small office above a hair salon next to a liquor store. The software suite of NetSuite caters to fast-growing companies of all sizes, from small to large. It offers the technology to operate its most essential business processes, including accounting, business resource planning (ERP), and inventory management. Customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, and human capital management (HCM) are also offered.

Evan began his career at Oracle in the late 1980s after graduating from Harvard with a computer science degree. He met Oracle founder Larry Ellison during an interview. Back then, Larry interviewed all the technology job applicants and was part of the prestigious database team. But it had always been Evan’s dream to create apps that people use every day. He relocated to the MacIntosh Community about a year later. And formed a new team within Oracle that concentrated on making database applications available to users.

How the company came to be?

Powerful structures and sophisticated capabilities to be democratized was the central conviction. It was NetSuite’s goal when Evan and his partners founded the company in 1998. However, this was not his first entrepreneurial venture.

Evan left his position as vice president at Oracle in 1995 to launch mBed Software. It had the groundbreaking concept of making it simple to create interactive websites. Although the company created a loyal follow-up, the Flash of Macromedia ended up ruling the vacuum. Also, Evan encountered his first cliché that was a required Silicon Valley’s failure. Evan experienced the pain of not having sufficient systems to run the company.

When Payroll was disconnected from the accounting function, none of it was related to the framework of the web-store. Although several customer lists were available for help, nothing went as expected. Evan sensed a chance that led to a conversation with Larry and changed his life forever. He also changed the lives of dreaming entrepreneurs and potential customers of NetSuite.

Larry proposed beginning with basic accounting software and running it on the internet. He said all applications will be run in the future, while Evan raised the possibility of creating software to make companies run more smoothly.

Company’s Initial Years

The company was originally called NetLedger. It started to create a web-based accounting system that is the cornerstone of every enterprise. Evan had put all of his money into his last company. He invested $2,000 ( almost all he had) in this venture that was to become NetSuite.

Evan and his colleagues set out to work. They uploaded their company’s files to their new program when the system was ready. Evan was able to access his company details in a browser for the first time. It was available anytime and from anywhere. He knew then that it would work for this company.

NetSuite developed into one of the world’s leading applications for business management centered on the cloud. The company went public in 2007 and Oracle purchased it nine years later. This brought Evan and Larry together once again. NetSuite doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Evan always brings out new technologies and often leverages its proximity to Oracle. And in turn, the thing called the ‘web’ has helped usher some of our favorite brands. We have come to know them by rising from ZoomInfo and Modsy to LoveSac, hello Goods, Philz Coffee, and more. It has been more than 20 years since NetSuite first began. The company’s emphasis on helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and expand with cloud-based apps has remained unchanged despite all the transition.


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