How to be in touch with your customers 24×7

How to be in touch with your customers 24x7

How to be in touch with your customers 24×7

Attention’ is always admired by your customers. They love getting your attention all the time. The best way you can give them the much-sought attention is by getting in touch with them 24×7.

Being in touch with customers is indeed most needed for your business to prosper. As truly said by Jack Nicholson “You need to stay in touch with your customers.” The more you are in touch with your customers the more deals you can crack by turning your ongoing relationship into transactions.

Arrayed are a few techniques to stay in touch with your customers 24×7.

A simple phone call can do wonders

Phone calls are one of the most oldest and finest way to contact your customers. It helps your customers get the personal touch that they always seek. It helps you get instant feedback on your product or other information needed for your business. It further helps you provide onspot answers to your customer’s grievances.


Newsletters, though traditional yet are one of the best ways to connect your customers. It is recommended to utilize this source at least 10 times in a year with 5-6 shorter version and a few elaborate ones. Try to reflect free information, discount coupons, offers, etc. in your newsletters to induce customers to make business with you.

Constant survey drives

Surveying your customers on regular basis is highly recommended. It helps your solve two purposes. Firstly, your survey helps you be in limelight among your customers and secondly, you can get an idea about the needs of your customers. Once you are clear on what the customers demand, you can modify your products and strategies to suit their needs better.

Utilising mobile apps

In this ever-changing and ever-expanding competitive business world it is not possible for you and your employees to stay in office premises all the time. You need to move out to make new customers and for other purposes. Mobile apps come forward as a rescuer for you connecting you with your customers 24×7, even when you are not at the office. It helps you get your calls diverted from your office number to mobile numbers, you can get a digital signature of customers even when they are not physically present and many other such functions can be performed utilizing mobile apps.

Providing unmatched customer service

According to a Chinese proverb “ Customer is the king” and he likes to be treated as a king. Try to render the best of customer service to him/her. Educate your employees to always provide proactive assistance to your customers in the best possible way they can. This will help you gain goodwill among customers maintaining a long-term relationship with them.

Going paperless, going digital

For any business, a lot of paperwork needs to be done. You need to maintain forms, invoice, reports and other information on paper. Paperwork nowadays seems to be boring, outdated and consumes a lot of time. Keeping in pace with the digital era you can make these paperwork go digital. For instance, you can provide e-bills, online form filling and so on. This will help you save your time and energy for interacting with the customers. This will also help to provide a modernized impact on your business on your customers.

Better equipped websites

The website always serves as the online entity of your business. A fully equipped website containing the information mostly fetched by your customers is a good option to connect to your customers 24×7. Incorporate your name of your company, office address, telephone number, goods/services you deal in and so on clearly on your website. You can also incorporate FAQs and other information about your business on your website. This information is readily available on your website helps to gain the confidence among your customers and they are more likely to indulge in more deals with you.

Utilise Instagram

Instagram is the most in-fashion trend prevailing today. Why not utilize this technology to connect with your customers 24×7? Post pictures, information, contents, and giveaways regularly on your Instagram and be in the minds of your customers all the time. Moreover, ask your customers to follow you and give away some reward to your daily followers. Comment on their posts, pamper them and they will definitely cherish your act.


With the advent of the internet era, blogging has evolved as a good source to connect to your customers. Make your blogs simple yet informative. Maintain nice up to snuff quality of blog and customer will definitely read it and respond to it.

Addressing and responding to emails

An excellent email can always serve as a good tool to connect with your customers. Make your subject line impressive, follow it up with greetings, backed with a good content and you are all set to make a positive impression on your customers.

Furthermore, make it a point to respond to the emails of your customer’s in the most appropriate manner as rapidly as possible. This will help you fetch bonus points among customers.

Setting alerts for each customer

There are various tools available in the market that allows you to set alarm for each customer. A few being Google Alerts, Talkwalker and so on. You can utilize these tools to set alarm on person’s name, the name of the company, interest, etc. As and when these buzzes up you can connect to the customer by sending certain offers, information grabbing their attention.

Chain of recommendations

The customer always like if you recommend them to others. Go on and start recommending your customers to other customers. Your customer will definitely like your act and they will definitely recommend you in turn to people they know.

Predicting and intimating any hitch

Informing customers about the problem even before it arises is a good practice. Be proactive, anticipate upcoming problems and inform it to customers. Inform them about any change in rules/regulations, potential delays, the rise in price and so on. This will help you earn goodwill among customers.

All the above techniques will help you win your customer’s trust and confidence thus helping you bring more business to your organization. Abiding by these techniques will give them a sense that you are thinking about them throughout the day. Be polite, be calm, listen to customers, offer them help, be in touch with them 24×7 and you will definitely be able to drive win-win conditions for your business!!

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