Homegrown skincare brand ‘I am Love’ raises ₹35 Cr in seed round

I am Love, a Mumbai-based nutraceutical skincare business, announced that it has secured ₹35 crores in a seed round from Xentel Investments.

Main Highlights

I am Love, a local D2C business, promises to blend contemporary science and Ayurveda to create immune booster mixes, oil and acne control mixes, scar therapy and pigment control mixes, and protein powder mixes, among other things.

The Mumbai-based nutraceutical skincare business announced on Thursday that it has secured 35 crores in a seed round from Xentel Investments, a California-based angel investor.

How did Shilpa Rathi Coin the Idea?

Shilpa Rathi, who founded the company in 2020 in the thick of the COVID-19 epidemic, intends to take it global.

“Instead of fostering hiding, we have always supported the concept of rebuilding from inside.” After living with the trauma of acne and oily skin for my entire adult life, I concluded that no matter what you apply to your skin, it cannot provide long-term relief, so my team and I began to carry out this mission of raising awareness and providing solutions to other sufferers,” Shilpa explained.

We have been told our entire lives that eating healthy is the key, yet the skincare business, with its self-serving motives, has affected our thoughts and enslaved us to the nature-harming chemicals of topical care. I am love brings you the grandeur of nourishment in its natural, adulteration-free form and then mixes it with modern science to combat the core problem. Our products do not hurt either humans or the environment.

Our solutions go beyond surface-level application to address the fundamental cause of health from the inside out, with exterior beauty as a subset, and as a result, we study and develop to provide you with the finest. Our products are a pure, clean, science-backed fusion of components gathered from throughout the world, including our abundant home nation, Ireland, Belgium, and Germany, to provide you with complete results.

Following the Government of India’s “Make in India” program, our goods promote entrepreneurship in India by increasing India’s natural extracts and manufacturing sectors, therefore improving India’s economic growth and job possibilities.

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Advantages of Using I am Love Products?

All I Am Love products are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, methylisothiazolinone, formaldehyde, benzalkonium chloride, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban, mercury, oxybenzone, and other potentially hazardous ingredients. The company does not test on animals and does not pay others to do so.

Their Spotless, Beauty + Filter, and Future products are packaged in glass bottles with biodegradable lids. Also, their protein products come in biodegradable PET bottles. The company is always looking for methods to reduce our carbon impact and will improve whenever and wherever practicable.

D2C promises to blend contemporary science and Ayurveda to create a variety of products, including an immune booster mix, oil and acne control mix, scar therapy and pigment control mix, and protein powder mix, among others.

According to Researchandmarkets, the Indian skin care products market, which was valued at 129.76 billion in 2020, is anticipated to reach 191.09 billion by 2025, increasing at an 8.22 percent CAGR. Sequoia India, together with Unilever Ventures and many foreign investors, has committed 110 crores in Series A financing in local skincare firm Minimalist.

“Today’s consumers are searching for skincare products that go beyond marketing promises and are based on efficacy. Our progress thus far demonstrates that a fundamental shift in the skincare business is taking place,” stated Minimalist Co-founder Mohit Yadav. MyGlamm, a Pune-based cosmetics business, has closed a handful of fundraising agreements as part of its Series C round. It received 355 crores in new investment this week from Accel Partners and current investors.

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