Indus Appstore: PhonePe takes on Google Play in India with a new appstore in 12 Languages

Walmart backed PhonePe Launches "India Ka Appstore"

indus appstore by phonepe

Indus Appstore launched by PhonePe is the new kid on the block to rival Google Play.

In a strategic move to diversify its digital offerings, PhonePe, the Walmart-owned digital payments giant, has unveiled Indus Appstore, a locally-tailored Android app marketplace poised to rival Google Play Store on the Indian digital landscape.

Indus Appstore boasts a formidable collection of over 200,000 mobile apps and games spanning across 45 diverse categories, promising Indian consumers an extensive array of choices. What sets it apart is its keen focus on linguistic diversity, with apps conveniently discoverable in 12 Indian languages, addressing the language preferences of a staggering 95% of the Indian populace.

The platform’s commitment to enhancing user engagement is evident through its innovative short-video based discovery feature, designed to make app exploration a more immersive experience for users.

But it’s not just consumers who stand to benefit from this venture. For developers, Indus Appstore offers a level playing field, providing a self-publishing platform coupled with robust localization services and an arsenal of tools for app monitoring and growth. With a dedicated 24×7 customer support system in place, developers can navigate the app ecosystem with confidence and ease.

PhonePe CEO Sameer Nigam has expressed ambitious plans for PhonePe’s latest foray, revealing intentions to establish partnerships with major smartphone manufacturers. The goal? To ensure appstore’s widespread availability across the Indian smartphone market, aiming for comprehensive coverage by year’s end.

Appstore’s debut aligns with a strategic timeline, following PhonePe’s recent initiative to open its app marketplace to Android developers. With its multilingual interface and diverse app offerings, PhonePe’s Indus Appstore emerges as a contender in India’s burgeoning app economy, tapping into the nation’s insatiable appetite for mobile technology.

In a country where mobile app usage is skyrocketing, PhonePe’s bold move signifies a push towards a more competitive and localized app ecosystem, catering to the unique preferences of Indian consumers. As India solidifies its position as the global leader in app downloads, appstore stands poised to make its mark in this dynamic digital landscape.

Indus Appstore For Developers | Signup Here

Indus Appstore is introducing a suite of features tailored to support developers in their app creation and distribution endeavors. We explore these offerings, focusing on their functionality and potential impact within the app development landscape.

24/7 Support:

Appstore’s provision of round-the-clock support for developers, localized to cater to regional needs, marks a significant commitment to assisting developers throughout their journey. This service aims to provide timely assistance and guidance, ensuring developers can navigate challenges effectively.

Targeted Release Management:

The concept of targeted release management offered by the appstore allows developers to define custom cohorts for app rollouts. While this provides developers with a degree of control over their deployment strategies, its effectiveness in reaching specific audience segments remains to be seen.

Feature Testing with Custom Audiences:

Appstore’s feature testing capabilities enable developers to engage with select audiences to gather feedback before a broader launch. This feature may offer valuable insights into user preferences and enhance the overall quality of apps, albeit its impact on user engagement requires further evaluation.

Post-Launch Support and Analytics:

Post-launch support services offered by the appstore facilitate seamless updates and provide real-time analytics on app performance. While this assists developers in maintaining app relevance and making data-driven decisions, the extent to which these services enhance app longevity merits continued observation.

Competitor Trends and Transparent Ranking System:

Appstore’s inclusion of competitor trends and access to a transparent ranking system provides developers with insights into market dynamics. This feature may empower developers to refine their strategies, but its efficacy in driving app success remains subject to what is already available to the developers on other app stores.

Indus Appstore For Marketers

The core offering that enticed us is its “India Focus” with their English +12 language app discovery capability. They are also offering translation services for app developers to increase their audience base. With the video led app discovery which enables the developers and publishers to promote apps through short form videos opens a new avenue for app developers to promote their apps. Appstore also has an inbuilt targeted advertising capability to run custom ads for relevant audience with rich media capability in multiple Indian languages.

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