Infinity for Reddit App Review: An excellent Reddit browsing app

Infinity for reddit app is a fully-featured app that provides a fluid Reddit browsing experience.


Infinity for Reddit app is a feature-rich app that gives a Reddit browsing experience. It is primarily intended for users who are interested in browsing posts and comments, submitting posts and comments, voting, and so on. The app has the option to add Folders so users can save their favorite Forums and categorize them in the Folder. For example, you could save Funny Videos, Memes, Quotes, and so on in a Folder.

Pros of infinity for Reddit app:

Cons of infinity for Reddit app:

What is infinity for the Reddit app?

Infinity for Reddit is a  mobile app that is available on all mobile devices. Anyone can browse the app and its subreddits, but you must be a registered user to post, comment, up/down vote, or create a new subreddit. It is primarily designed for users who want to browse posts and comments, submit posts and comments, vote, and so on.

The app allows users to create Folders in order to save and categorize their favorite Forums. And it does not include the functionality of molding subreddits for moderators.

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Features of the app:

Features that unveil when you sign up:


Only on the android platform. 

Yes, the app is free to use


 The app requires permission to access storage and media/photos/files.

Excellent app with numerous customization, features, and options. It recognizes the value of your time and allows you to switch to lazy mode to easily scroll through posts and receive daily updates while you are busy doing chores.

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