Instal Acquires MOBave, A New York-Based Full Service Mobile Advertising Firm


Instal (, mobile marketing platform focusing on apps and games headquartered in Italy, announced the strategic acquisition of a majority stake of MOBave ( a mobile advertising player based in New York City since 2010.

Crystal & Giannoni-Crystal LLC and Finkelstein Platt LLP are the law advisors that leaded the due diligence and acquisition process, while Reinhardt LLP supported MOBave.

The acquisition of MOBave is another step towards Instal’s internationalization expansion. Instal, with offices in Europe (Florence, Milan and Berlin) and China (Beijing), will leverage MOBave’s presence  and expertise to strengthen  the ability to better serve its US-based customers and partners, and localize its offering more efficiently.

“The US market is without exception the main point of reference in the mobile app marketing landscape, and the reason why since our foundation, we have always curated a strategic albeit remote presence. In MOBave we found the perfect partner to empower in an effective way our business in the US, not just because of their extensive market expertise, but also because we share the same culture, the same values and vision. Acquiring the majority of  MOBave represents an amazing opportunity for improving our relations with US ’app business’ players, by having a local presence on the territory” said Filippo Satollico-founder and COO at Instal. “It is also the most effective way to better understand the local consumers’ app behaviour and to offer them innovative and fitting solutions. We are currently exploiting this strategy also in other markets, like the Chinese one where we opened an office at the beginning of this year, with amazing results.”.

Elio Narciso, founder and CEO of MOBave also commented: “ In MOBave and Instal we have a shared mission and vision to give to our customers an innovative and integrated solution that support them in all the phases of their apps’ life cycle to boost their “app business”. The market is becoming extremely fragmented and we noticed a lack of specific competences, for this reason we are even more excited to join the Instal team, to share our experience and expertise and to contribute together to the global growth of thewhole mobile marketing industry. Our two companies share complementary employee cultures with innovative, yet solid products and services for our partners. ”


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