Interview with Parag Mehta: Positiwise

Interview with Parag Mehta: Positiwise

We reached out to Parag Mehta, who is the Founder of app development company Positiwise for a short interview to understand what makes them leading app developers from the UK.

Tell us something about your company

Positiwise is popular for being a reputable and reliable software development company founded in the year 2005. Our skilled, data-driven, and talented niche-specific team is our main asset to help us set apart from other IT outsourcing agencies & companies.

What are your company’s specializations?

Positiwise Software deals in various IT operations, from developing software to migrating, securing, and maintaining them.

We have expertise in crafting cutting-edge business solutions using .NET, PHP, C#, C++, Angular JS, React JS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React Native, Android, etc.

In addition, we also hold vast experience and skills in developing web security solutions, retail business software, CRM solutions, cloud-based apps, and database management solutions.

Who are some of your major customers?

Our major customers comprise big players in the Cybersecurity marketspace and Web Security Industry. We also serve some major enterprises directly.

Top 5 apps that you have developed? (With PlayStore/App Store Links)

Our products are still under development, and we will update them once released.

What is your average cost of mobile app development? 

It’s difficult to ascertain app development without going through complete requirements. 

Provide a list of your 5 domain specializations. 

Web Security, SSL, CyberSecurity, Custom Application development (including e-commerce), and Line of Business Applications

What cross-platform technologies and tools do you use? 

NET 6, React, NodeJs, SQL Server Core, Golang.

Do you develop mobile apps with native or hybrid?

We can develop both Native and Hybrid applications according to our client’s requirements.

Our proficient developers have a keen eye for details and are well-known for the architecture, tools, and technologies essential for furnishing any mobile application.

Our clients hold the advantage of reaching out to their target audience through a cross-platform application developed by our software engineers.

What is the app development process that you follow?

Our development process entirely depends upon the type of application, client requirements, and complexity.

However, most of our projects were large-scale with dynamic user demands. So, we have followed the Agile Software Development Methodology for them.

We start with information gathering and planning, then escalate it to designing, prototyping, development, testing, deployment, and continuous maintenance.

We have a very transparent process that involves the client at every step and provides them with real-time project progress.

What is the latest technology/product you are working on?

We would like to implement AI in our huge catalog of offerings.

Do you work on technologies like IoT, Blockchain, or Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, we work on IoT, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence. We have many ongoing projects in which we are embedding AI modules to optimize their functioning.

Moreover, one of our IoT-based solutions is currently used by our client. For more information about the IoT project, you can visit (IoT and Logistics Management System) or go through it on our case study page.

In addition, we also provide Blockchain-based solutions to our customers, ensuring they always have secure data transactions within and outside the network. 

Are you looking for customers in a particular industry or domain? Please mention just one industry.

Software development domains but specifically in the .NET framework

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

We are profitable but reinvesting everything back into the business. Our distribution is 100% from our sites and web properties. We have around 52 employees, and all seem to be really enjoying and eager to serve our clients. Soon with products, we will have 100s of customers to deal with, and we look to expand our operations significantly over the next three years.


App Development Positiwise: The interview with Parag Mehta was conducted over emailAll the information provided is approved by Positiwise’s officials before publishing. If you need further information then you can reach out to them directly on their official website.  For more such interviews and interesting news check our app developers section.

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