iOS 14.2 Adds Support For JIT Compilation

ios 14.2

Several unofficial third-party iOS apps offer emulation tools. These apps are based on hacks and exploits and hinder the device’s performance significantly. Apple, in its iOS 14.2 update, has introduced support for Just-in-Time (JIT) compilations. It enables iPhones and iPads to run emulation apps at full capacity.

What is JIT, and how does it work?

Just-in-Time compilation is a way to run a software that gets compiled during its execution. The traditional software is usually before its execution. JIT translates the source code into the machine’s native code in real-time. This change will greatly impact these unofficial apps.  

Till now, Apple has never offered official support for JIT compilations on iOS. Still, some developers succeeded in executing it with hacks. But this bypass carried several bugs and reduced the performance of the overall app. Furthermore, these exploits have been completely removed on iOS 14. With the iOS 14.2 beta 2, Apple added support for JIT compilation. But it was not announced publicly by the company. The support was present throughout the betas and has made it to the final release.

According to developers, this move was deliberate and not a mistake by Apple. Emulated apps can now run at full speed without the need for hacks, jailbreak, or any other compromises. But this implementation is not an official signal about the availability of emulators on the App Store. This is because current JIT applications work only for sideloaded apps. They are installed using Xcode and other developer tools and not via the App Store. The feature is intended to be used by developers for debugging purposes only.

It’s still a major upgrade for those interested in using apps like UTM and DolphiniOS at maximum performance. UTM offers virtual machines on iOS, while DolphiniOS is similar to GameCube and Wii emulator for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 14.2 features

The update is now available for all iPhones that support it. Apple has released iPadOS 14.2 and WatchOS 7.1 as well. The update brings new emojis and a few wallpapers. iOS 14.2 gets revamped music playing controls on the locks screen. It also brings the Shazam toggle as promised. The new iPhones get support for the Leather Sleeve with Magsafe. It resolves most of the bugs and performance issues with the previous version. A new feature brings optimized battery charging features to AirPods and AirPods Pro. It reduces battery aging and extends the overall lifespan of their batteries.

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