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JustWatch app is a free streaming guide that can help you find legal online streaming options for your favorite movies and TV shows.

What is JustWatch app?

JustWatch is a streaming platform that makes it simple to find where to watch movies and TV shows online in the United States, such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Apple TV+, and Amazon Prime Video.JustWatch shows you where you can legally watch your favorite movies and TV shows. You’re kept up to date on what’s new on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and a variety of other streaming services. JustWatch’s simple filter system allows you to see only the information that is relevant to you.

JustWatch users can also track their favorite shows and movies and receive notifications when a title becomes available on one of your services. Browse the most recently added TV shows and movies on your favorite providers, and don’t forget to catch the latest full episode of Game of Thrones or Netflix’s new Original Movie. We update the availability of TV show episodes, seasons, and full movies every day.

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Features of JustWatch App

Why choose JustWatch app?

JustWatch is your one-stop shop for all things streaming. JustWatch collects user profiles from millions of moviegoers to learn about their movie tastes. JustWatch uses this information to run highly effective trailer campaigns for film studios, distributors, and VOD services. They retarget users on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and others, where people spend time discovering new content. Campaigns from Just watch outperform industry benchmarks by a factor of two.

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Frequently Asked Questions

JustWatch Pro can be obtained in three ways. They are, however, all currently available in our mobile apps.

You can sign up from the app’s homepage when you first launch it.

It’s in your account settings, and you can get to it even if you aren’t logged in.

When you open the filters panel and select a PRO filter, you will be prompted to subscribe.

This means that none of the providers JustWatch works with are currently offering the title. JustWatch checks the provider pages for new content daily.

Kanopy collaborates with your local library to determine what content is available, and JustWatch does not have access to the specifics of each library. As a result, JustWatch displays all of Kanopy’s features, but your local library may be unable to support them. The team is working on a more accurate way to display Kanopy in the future. Kanopy is currently only available in the United States due to the difficulty of accurately communicating it.

JustWatch can only list YouTube content that can be purchased or rented, is part of YouTube Premium, or is part of YouTube’s official selection of free movies at the moment. Because JustWatch cannot verify the legality of titles displayed on individual YouTube channels, JustWatch does not support them. There’s also the problem of not actively looking for these positions.

As a result, JustWatch will miss having a few things available on YouTube; however, JustWatch is working on a better way to display this in the future! Please be patient while JustWatch works on this.

You must first download our Android TV, Fire TV, or Apple TV app before you can connect your TV. When you’re in the TV app, there’s an ‘Account’ menu that will guide you through the rest of the setup.

On the website, you must delete your account information by clicking the ‘Delete my account permanently’ text beneath your account information (the person icon).

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