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Kickstarter app is a great crowd-funding platform.


Kickstarter app is a great crowd-funding platform. For years now, many creators have used crowdfunding platforms to give birth to their dream projects. These ideas would never have been able to receive traditional funding from investors otherwise. The only name that pops into mind when thinking about crowdfunding is Kickstarter. Any platform for movies, games, electronics, and all sorts of other ideas in need of cash can join the program. It’s strange that the app still doesn’t feature tools for project creators. Still, the app is a convenient, free tool for backers and anyone looking to become one.

Pros of Kickstarter App: 

Cons of Kickstarter app:

What is Kickstarter app? 

Kickstarter is a great place where independent creators and passionate backers collaborate to bring new ideas to life. Users can explore creative projects ranging from art, design, film, games, music, and more. They can also pledge to their favorites right from the app. The platform has launched more than half a million projects. And more than a third of those projects have been successfully funded. It is a great platform to promote and raise funds for your projects. It has a huge reach and numerous resources to promote campaigns. The platform offers a rigorous vetting system, step-by-step guidance, and detailed campaign tracking. It was also selected as an Editors’ Choice pick for crowdfunding services. 

Like most crowdfunding sites, it also collects a percentage of the money that you’ve raised. The company takes up a total of five percent of your funding total. Its payment partner, Stripe, charges you another three to five percent, depending on the pledge amount. However, project creators must be located in the US, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand (or from select Asian and European countries).  Donors can still pay via credit or debit card from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, if your project doesn’t reach its funding goal, you pay zero fees and your would-be donors receive refunds. Unlike GoFundMe and Indiegogo, it uses an all-or-nothing model. Thus to receive your payment, your project must reach its monetary goal. The platform also states that you’ll receive your money approximately two weeks after a successful campaign ends.

By default, the app displays Staff Picks, projects in which Kickstarter has faith. Even if the Kickstarter seal of approval doesn’t actually guarantee the project will come to fruition, there are lots of other promising ideas worth backing. The app gives you the tools to find such projects. 

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Features of the app:

Features that unveil when you sign up: 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Both Android and iOS platforms support the app.

Yes, the app is free to use. It is available on Play Store and App Store.

Yes, the in-app purchase payment method is secured. 

It requires the following permissions:


  1. approximate location (network-based) is required.


  1. Send & receive data from the Internet.
  2. View network connections.
  3. Get full network access.
  4. Run at startup.
  5. Prevent device from sleeping


Kickstarter is a great crowdfunding service. It has a strong vetting process and a wide reach. Many potential donors know that they’ll be refunded if a project doesn’t reach its goal. This is attractive and could potentially encourage more contributions. If you’re serious about funding a project and willing to risk missing your goal, it is a great pick for crowdsourcing services. 

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