Lerer Hippeau Closes $230M Across Two New Funds; Ben Lerer is Back

Co-Founding Managing Partner Ben Lerer Joins Fund Full Time After Selling Group Nine Media to Vox Media

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Lerer Hippeau closes $230M across two new funds; Ben Lerer is back
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Lerer Hippeau, a major Additional York City-based early-stage venture capital company, announced today that it had closed on $230 million in new funding across two funds: LH Seed VIII focuses on pre-seed and seed-stage plants.

LH Select IV, which invests in firms ranging from Series A to C. Lerer Hippeau has also extended its crew with these fresh funding in terms of promotions and new hiring.

The new funds follow the previous seventh seed and third Select funds, according to the business. These amounted to $215 million. The business wants to make 40 to 45 investments in the seed fund before making follow-on investments in a variety of firms in its portfolio.

Since its inception in 2010, Lerer Hippeau has invested in 400 portfolio companies.

In addition, co-founding managing partner Ben Lerer has joined Lerer Hippeau and returned to the business full-time after selling Group Nine Media to Vox Media earlier this year. In 2004, he co-founded Thrillist with Adam Rich, which later became Group Nine Media in 2016.

He co-founded the fund with Kenneth Lerer in 2010, and he was also the founder and CEO of Group Nine Media until recently. He sold Group Nine to Vox Media earlier this year and now serves on the Vox board of directors.

Tanaz Mody was hired as Lerer Hippeau’s first head of people to support the portfolio, and Graham Brown was appointed to managing partner.

Why was it an appropriate moment to establish a new fund?

According to Lerer, there is a natural rhythm to the investing time period that we have with the funds, which is normally roughly two years. I believe we’ve figured out what we’re excellent at and have adhered to it. Our funds’ growth has been extremely organic, and we began as an early-stage fund. Five years later, we founded Select with the explicit goal of following up with our existing breakout portfolio firms at subsequent phases.

We gradually examined up to the kind of the amount of the money throughout the years. However, we do not wish to be inducted into the “AUM Hall of Fame.” We are committed to delivering superior returns for our partners, thus we believe that the fund sizes we provide are appropriate. We will continue to evaluate our market position over time.

Hippeau went on to say, “The key for us is consistency.” We don’t want to be a part of the ups and downs. We just want to maintain a consistent and persistent strategy. “New York is a hub for business and innovation,” said Eric Hippeau, a venture capitalist. “And that will always be true,” says the Managing Partner. Several years have passed since the startup ecosystem has been chaotic yet exciting, and this has only increased enhanced our market position by assisting entrepreneurs as they transition great ideas into game-changing corporations We are excited to grow.

Our team is still investing in imaginative entrepreneurs, and we’re incredibly excited about it. “I’m overjoyed to finally have Ben’s entire attention.” “We’ve established an unrivalled network of funders over the last twelve years.” and founders,” remarked Managing Partner Ben Lerer. “I’m overjoyed to be able to present Lerer with this award.”

Hippeau and our founders will be my whole focus for the remainder of my career. As they establish famous firms, assist them in navigating the crucial moments.” Lerer Hippeau has been a pioneer in New York’s tech sector since 2010, investing in more than 350 prominent corporate and consumer firms worldwide sectors.

The fund will invest in pre-seed and seed-stage companies, firms based in and around New York LH Select IV will allow the team to meet Later-stage new founders and the LH Seed fund’s breakthrough investments as they grow The team will support excellent individuals with both money with amazing ideas who aren’t scared to take on difficult tasks.

In addition, Lerer Hippeau stated today that Graham Brown had been promoted to that of Managing Partner Mr. Brown joined Lerer Hippeau as a Senior in 2015.

Associate and has advanced through the ranks, exhibiting the firm’s success commitment to internal talent development Mr. Brown has played an important role.

Lerer Hippeau has contributed to its success by leading investments in firms including as among them are ZenBusiness, WorkJam, Palmetto, K Health, and Delphia.

In the future, he will be primarily responsible for strategy and growth. LH Select’s Mr. Brown is part of Lerer Hippeau’s increased emphasis on Select will also be growing the team to include more investors. “Graham’s expertise as an investor and operator has made him a valuable addition to us.”

Kenneth Lerer, Managing Partner, stated, “our fund and our portfolio firms.” “We are delighted to welcome him as a Managing Partner and look forward to working with him.” For many, his taking on an even bigger role in deciding the destiny of our fund, many years ahead.”

Tanaz Mody, the first Head of People at Lerer Hippeau, was also recently appointed to join the Platform team and assist the company in expanding its line of services portfolio firms receive post-investment assistance and services. Mody, Ms. formerly held the position of Chief People Officer at HQ, a Digital Currency Group subsidiary.

In addition, Lerer Hippeau is thrilled to announce Emily’s promotion. Libresco has been promoted to Director of Marketing and Communications. Further, Guiriba, Sharlene as an Associate, he has recently joined the team. Ms. Guiriba was most recently a venture capitalist. Harlem Capital Fellow with an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth Business School

About Lerer Hippeau

Lerer Hippeau is an early-stage venture funding firm based in The city of New York. We have been investing in entrepreneurs with exceptional ideas since 2010. They aren’t frightened to take on difficult tasks More than 350 companies are included in our portfolio. Guideline, MIRROR, and other prominent enterprise and consumer enterprises Blockdaemon, K Health, Allbirds, ZenBusiness, Zipline, and Warby Parker are a few examples. We’re seasoned operators that invest early and stick with our founders as they grow they create iconic businesses.

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