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LoungeBuddy lets you book lounges at any airport worldwide irrespective of your class, membership, status or other factors.

LoungeBuddy App Review

What is LoungeBuddy App?

Finding a place to stay after coming from a flight journey could be exhausting. Even more, if it is nighttime or a festive season. LoungeBuddy app lets you find airport lounges from all over the world that you can access irrespective of which class you are traveling by or if you have a prior membership or not. 

Waiting in airport seats are now obsolete. When you can relax in airport lounges, why go for the weariness and fatigue of sitting here and there. LoungeBuddy makes your way more effortless and smooth. You can book a lounge in less than a minute.

You can also see how is the lounge and what amenities it provides by simply viewing reviews and pictures submitted by other LoungeBuddy users.

Main Highlights:


Features of LoungeBuddy app? 

+ Easily view the available lounges at any airport.

+  Use the Lounge Access Wizard to see which lounges are available for free, or at a one-time fee that is based on your flight class, air membership, credit card deals, and others.

+ A collection of over 800 of the world’s busiest airports with more than two thousand lounges and counting.

+ Filter through what amenities you require like WiFi, Hot Water, complimentary meals, and others and let LoungeBuddy figure out the best possible lounge for you.

+ View the available hours, opening and closing times, location, access requirements, guest privileges, and many other factors for each and every lounge.

+ Set your default airport, and get recommendations as well as share photos and reviews.

+ Manage your trips and keep track of your traveling schedule.

+ If you have an American Express card, you can book your oasis in just a few seconds.

+ LoungeBuddy’s tells you exactly how is it to experience the chance of resorting in an airport lounge

+ Its user interface is very charming and also feels very premium to use.

+ You can share your own reviews and photos to help other LoungeBuddy travelers discover the charm of staying in lounges.

+ Not just for you, you can book a kids-friendly lounge to give your kids a decent place to rest and play.

+ Complimentary amenities can include premium alcohol and food, fast WiFi, showers, business centers, and much more.

+ If you want a quiet space, you can find lounges that are secluded and secure from unnecessary disturbances.

+ Save your time with LoungeBuddy. Get rid of the hassling and travel in style.

Why LoungeBuddy app?

The LoungeBuddy app is great because you can get all the details about different lounges and choose what is better for you. If you have any requirements or requests, it takes care of them and provides you with lounges to indulge with everything you need. Don’t just book because it looks promising, view the reviews of other travelers, and then judge them by yourself. LoungeBuddy is best to make the full out of your trips and probably beyond.

LoungeBuddy App Review:

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, you do not need to be flying in a premium or a business class or should have a frequent flyer status to book lounges with LoungeBuddy. Anyone irrespective of their flight class, or status or membership can take benefit from LoungeBuddy.

No, you only need to book through LounBuddy and you will have your oasis booked. You do not need to go through the lassitude of going in-app and doing a reservation.

LoungeBuddy App requires you to have a pass. LoungeBuddy passes start at around $25, with an average cost of around $50 per pass.

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